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Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Mine - part 1

Taking advantage of the warm dry spell, I have been working outside on the mine. The first part is assembled and is a mix of the Ainsty set and scratch build area made from 4mm balsa sections, and 1.5mm for various bits of planking.

It is all mounted on an A3 section ( for ease of storage and transport) of foam board to try and keep the weight down a bit. Two tunnels exit at mid points of the sides to allow them to join up to the next sections , and to allow some variation in overall construction and layout for games. In my mind I see this as 8 A3 sections done on possibly two levels, so it's going to take a while to get to that.

All the pieces and extra scratch made sections were stuck to the baseboard , gaps filled with ready mixed tile grout, and then everything has has a wash with a 50/50 water/PVA mix to give added strength. Once dried its has a coat of a brown emulsion.

Next stage is sorting out a wiring plan for LED's and/or fibre optics etc i think, new problems and modelling challenges to solve which i am looking forward to. Ideally i want to be able to light each section as it is explored. Also i need to order some more bits n bobs from Ainsty - cheap this project won't be by he look of it. However it will be used not only for Old West, but also Pirates , and Pulp games and anything else it might fit in with.

I need to source some miners - or better still some duel purpose construction crew i can use for the railroad as well, time for a poke around on LAF I think.

I was going to properly plan all this out , but I am just going to roll with it and see where it goes and solve the problems as they come. Mad I know , but I am enjoying it!


  1. great looking terrain I guess this is going to have a entrance near the end of your town?
    You have a real knack for stunning terrain Dave

    1. Cheers James. Years of playing on good terrain at the Wargames Holiday Centre spoilt me , and all the great work out there on various blogs are a great inspiration.

      Yep the plan is to have the entrance at side or end of the town.

  2. Very nice work Dave, its already come on a long way, I will be interested to see the lighting stage.

  3. Very interesting project, great work for the time being!

  4. Planning? what's that?

    Looking good and I too am looking forward to the lighting stage


    1. this weeks project is researching lighting options!

  5. Neat mine. Very cool project. This will be fun to watch develop.

  6. I am already totally absorbed by this Dave. I love the idea of light a section as you explore it really ranking up the tension.

    1. yeah , me too, now i just need to figure out how!!

  7. A great idea Dave, I can just picture the Indiana Jones scene with those rail carts thundering along the track.

    1. Cheers Pat, oh yes I did have the music in my head while doing it...

  8. Dave, that is a whole lot of awesome! I love the idea of 'progressive' lighting running throughout the mine. You could even use this set-up for some quasi Space Hulk style gaming (if sci-fi trips your trigger).

    1. Curt , oh yes, it has got me thinking. Lots of possibilities I feel

  9. Fantastic project, Dave. The options you have are endless!


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