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Saturday, 6 July 2013

The "Serenity Mineral Co"

So here we have the start of a new part of the town of Serenity. It's the gold mine, originally founded by a lone prospector , Josiah Trethaway, one of the large number of Cornish who left the county in the 19th century on the back of the decline in Tin mining to seek their fortune in the New World. Local town Legend has it there is still some buried treasure to be claimed deep in the vast caverns of the mine.

So here we have the first elements, courtesy of Ainsty Castings , Yakkum Mines - Gold Mine set. I will need to get hold of some bits, and scratch build some as well - I also want to add in some little extra's like some fibre optic lighting circuit to represent candles, oil lamps etc.

So what do you get in the box?

Lots of bits! All are nicely cast, some need a little filing , but other than that ready to go , once washed.

Of course it will also be suitable for lots of other periods as well.

Having run games at the last few shows (and being invited to more) I thought it time to move up a little on the presentation front for the game, and have added a new display sign for the table.

So after 10 minutes on photoshop, and few more on google I ordered this A3 banner sign from Display Signs Direct.


  1. That mine set looks great. Look forward to seeing it completed.

    1. Cheers, bit of work do yet, but yes looking forward to the end result

    2. Wow! That is sweet! I have looked at that myself but the price and overseas shipping is a bit high to keep me intimidated right now.

    3. Yeah,annual work bonus helped

  2. That is an amazing bit of kit there and cannot wait to see it painted

  3. Wow, that's a nice bit of kit.

  4. Oh I dig the mine (sorry)

    looking forward to seeing this all done


  5. Ah, if only the Ainsty stuff was cheaper! This should look really good when painted up.

    Are you expecting gunfight action to occur *inside* the mine, then? Any special rules? Poor visibility, tunnel collapses, rats, ghosts - that sort of thing?

    Also, nice sign!

    1. Hugh, thanks. Most definitely I want to cover all those things. Hopeing to have two levels of it all eventually

  6. That's a nice piece, have fun painting it.

  7. Very nice piece of terrain Dave, I look forward to seeing it completed

    1. Cheers, basics sorted, but still a bit more planning work to do

  8. Ah, Serenity... if ever a town were misnamed, it was you. But the mines, they look like an excellent addition to the game. I look forward to seeing them painted up, because the castings look great as they are.

  9. What a wonderful addition Dave, I've picked up one of those mining carts as part of the secret project; goodness knows when that will ever see the light of day! Love the poster - very smart!

    1. Now I wonder what you are up to with an ore cart..


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