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I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Band of the 1st Cuirassier Regiment

Something a bit different this time. After previously completing the Old Guard band I had been looking for some mounted musicians. Having been on the verge of trying to create my own set I was given a steer via the group knowledge of the Steve Dean forum to this set of "Mirliton" castings(makers of some really unusual stuff!) from Italy via Martin at "Vexillia" who specialises in imports. They are an older style of 25mm figures. they have separate rider, saddles and horses.

" Timbalier"

Very few regiments had full mounted bands that also included a Timbalier or Kettle drummer and the 1st fit the bill. But they nearly became the 22nd Dragoons in yellow were it not for the lack of the Timbalier. If you want to know anything about Trumpeters and Musicians there is a fantastic new French publication on the 1st Empire - "Les Trompettes de Cavalerie sous l'Empire"

How many other units do you get with white horses -alright apart from the worst led cavalry in Europe.. those Scots Greys.

Left in glorious gloss , with Red, White & Blue was else was I gonna do!

Really enjoyed doing  these guys, nice to do something different.

More good stuff on the prep table, lots of cavalry.


  1. Again - outstanding work. Those Mirliton miniatures are very nice.

  2. I really like these, neat and tidy paint job too.
    How do these compare size wise with Elite, Perry, Foundry etc? ie small medium or large?

  3. Warpaintjj , they are on the small side compared to those are more true old style 25mm

  4. Excellent Dave. Very impressive.

  5. Ooooer! I feel some retail therapy comming on, very nice indeed.

    "I want one"


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