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I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

"Zulu" Lt. Gonville Bromhead & "Old West" Pat Garret

I received this pair from Black Scorpion Miniatures this week and liked the look of them so I  wanted to get them included in the painting challenge - and to give me something interesting to do between oil painting the horses that are on the go). I don't find just working on one figure at a time terribly productive so always do at least two so i can switch between them if waiting for something to dry etc.

With the Bromhead figure all dressed up in his cloak I could just hear Michael Caine's voice - "Well chin chin.. do carry on with your mud pies"

In terms of sizing however the Black Scorpion is considerable larger and well fed than the Empress Miniatures one completed recently - both different and both great to paint.

The Old West lawman Pat Garret is from the Black Scorpion Tombstone range - just need to get hold of a Billy the Kid. Another one to add to the law man collection

Back to conversion work on the second regiment of Chasseurs tomorrow, then they are ready for undercoating.


  1. Really nice, Dave, a wonderful painting job. I like a lot the colours.

    1. Juan - It the Andrea Miniatures Red, and Blue set agin, makes light work of them.

  2. Two excellent figures Dave!, you just gotta love Mr Caine's figure!!!!!

  3. Lovely work Dave; I especially like the Bromhead character who is definitely on the shopping list for Salute.

  4. Looking very good Dave,

    ...and when Micheal Caine get loud he gets very loud indeed..

    1. Yep - and of course "don't throw those bloody spears at me" from "The Man who would be King" which people think was in Zulu

  5. Very very nice work on a couple of fantastic figures.

  6. Dave,

    How could you pass up the opportunity to write 'not a lot of people know that'? As for the Black Scorpion Caine - 'he's a big man, but he's in bad shape'.

    1. Damn - forgot that one... now if i could get something for them to blow up... "Your onlY supposed to blow..." well you know the rest

  7. Damn - forgot that one... now if i could get something for them to blow up... "Your onlY supposed to blow..." well you know the rest

  8. Lovely paint job and thanks for the comparison shot.

  9. I really like these cowboys. The Dark Templar is doing a series of wild west figures and I think I'm going to buy some.


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