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Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Saloon owner & the herd!

A few parcels turned up the last week. Amongst them from the US was the Blue Moon Manufacturing "Tombstone" civilian's set - they also do a fantastic Hearse with horses all done up with feathers for when we have to get the "3 coffins ready". For those of you familiar with the HBO series it contains a very creditable lookalike for a certain Deadwood's Al Swearengen played by Ian McShane.

A rather fine casting I must say. Who will shortly be taking over the a new establishment  in town the "Cattle Exchange Saloon"

Well we can hardly have Old West Cowboy scenarios and a Cattle Exchange Saloon without cows can we. I looked around in the UK for some , saw some expensive metal etc, but i wanted to be able to have a large number for a rustling , or stampede type scenario. I found these guys from the US , they are 1/64th scale hard plastic Herefords , a breed popular in the west made by ERTL. They were pre painted ,I gave them a matt varnish and then a light brown wash , and dry brush, also had to dot the eyes in. I based them on 60mm across flats 2mm MDF Hexagons from the ever helpful Warbases - This means the herd or elements can be a multitude of shapes , and can be easily controlled on a d6 for random movement. These cost the total sum including shipping of £18.50 for 40 cows and 10 calves! 

So it is Sudan preparations next week , along with picking up a collection of Sudan figures , the Mahdi's; drums are a beating.


  1. My word that is certainly a lot of beef! A great solution and I love the bar tender; he certainly is a spit for old Lovejoy!

    1. Indeed , i was pleased with end result on the herd for the Double D ranch.

  2. Man that is one good Swearengen, great paint job, he is one of my favorite TV characters, it was a sad day when they cut Deadwood.

    1. Thanks , yes me too , i really enjoyed it. So you will waiting to see the Wu charachter too as well

  3. It does indeed look like Swearengen, nice pinstripes on the suit, bet they gave you a headache??
    Nice one for the Broadside ad!

    1. Cetainly did , but a good brush and thinned paint helped!

  4. That pinstripe looks like a quality whistle and the hex basing on the cattle is a great idea. The backdrops are starting to become your trademark me thinks.

  5. Holy cow! Great painting. Love the pinstripe dude - looks like Nick Cave!

  6. Does your small Swearengen have as good as command of swearing combinations that the TV character did. Gets a +4 on the creative insults table. :)
    Great job by the way.

    1. , like that one - "creative insults table" , a great idea

  7. Great work on Al, Dave! I can almost detect his bleary-eyed stare. You may need to put a bit of gloss on his hair as he was an oily fellow!

    1. What a fine idea i will add some shine!


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