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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Pick a card part two.

So no painting as such other than some block work and thats not real eye candy for you. But a few updates. I did these bits a few weeks ago. So we have a a Ground Works outhouse.

 It comes complete with inside detail - i am going to have to create someone sitting reading a paper...

I picked up some bits n bobs from Ainsty Castings A range of boxes ,bales and barrels.for the lads to take cover and duck back  behind. The log piles I found at a model railway show - good for picking up terrain pieces i find.

In addition the remainder of the cards have turned up. I have created two other bespoke packs for the game. The Green deck , and the Red Deck.They have the same design art work  as the main character/fate deck but are coloured for a different purpose.


The "Greenback" deck will be used to generate random amounts of money - there is a pack of 54 cards with values from $10 to $100,000 . So for scenarios involving say robbing a train, bank or stage  then the larger denomination cards will be put in. These can be drawn randomly or rolling a dice to see how many to turn over to see the gangs ill gotten gains.

The Red deck is a replacement for the 6 x 6 shooting matrix. I  liked the idea of of shooting effect being done by turn of a card rather then roll of dice.

Cards from ARTSCOW
Anyway just trying to pin down a day to have a game now.


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Ray - it actually reminds me of one we had as a kid - "ee baa gum it were ard up North..."

  2. Very nice... building. And your cards are very interesting.

    1. Cheers Juan - yes he cards are getting to be fun - keep thinking of extra bits to add

  3. I have one of those loos and you have done great guns with it.

    1. It's a good little kit . Never in my wildest imagination did i ever think i would be making model toilets... strange hobby this sometimes

    2. It sure is and now I have three different toilets and potting sheds

  4. You will be able to re-create that bounty hunter scene from Young Guns - alright ladies let's dance!

  5. That's a brilliant piece of work there.

    1. Thanks Anne - good to see you coming along yourself too

  6. Got to love the outhouse; I've picked up the Ainsty Castings version for the lard of the Chinese Laundry!

    1. excellent look forward to seeing it. I have just ordered soem more scratchbuild stuff for buildings from Antenocitis , so the Laundry will be along for me shortly too

  7. Great work on the Thunderbox, Dave. You're right, a folded newspaper would finish it off nicely.

  8. Superb work on the cards.

    Would you mind sharing what method and paints you used for weathering your outhouse please Dave?

    There are a lot of these laser cut buildings on the market and trying to get the right look painting them without hiding all the detail is the trick. What you have done with the outhouse looks just right.

    1. Pat, on the laser cut stuff i use a a humbrol aerosol dark earth as spray primer. then using Vallejo' - this case it was a flat earth colour but i do use other , cork brown , beihe brown etc. I use a a big fat brush an 8 or 10 , and give a decent dry brush with it. all over this gives the base, I then agann give lighter drybrushg with Vallejoe Iraqi Sand - it a brilliant colur for picking out detail , light enough but no too much. If needed do a bit of a wet brushing in plank detail etc with a detail brush of a an appropriate colour - happy to do a walk through post if you like.

  9. Most helpful Dave,thanks very much.

    I will be putting the humbrol aerosol on the shopping list along with any of those vallejo that I don't own, as your method for doing these type of buildings are very effective.

    A walk through post would be great thanks.


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