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I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Terrain -part 3 -WIP

Having left things to dry out fully for a couple of days it was time to take advantage of the warm day again yesterday, and get outside in the warmth. I applied some rocks made from cat litter to the river section, and to some of the hill edges - just to break things up a bit. Then I did an all over surface wash of thin plaster mix to harden the surface up. This was left to dry in the sun for a few hours.  For the main areas -not the road/trails -  I applied PVA slightly thinned 50/50 with water and sprinkled on my sand/ballast mix, this has been left to dry fully now for at least 24 hours.

Next was to apply the plaster work to the roads/trails and add some wheel ruts - do this as the plaster has started to harden by drawing a pencil, skewer etc into - make sure they join at any board intersections though. - and leave to harden fully overnight. Next day I gave the road areas a thin PVA wash to give more strength to the plaster. and then allow to dry . Hard work done now it's time for paint

I painted the sides of the polystyrene and the bottom of the MDF which will fully seal it, let it dry. Then using a SANDTEX FINE (masonary paint), bitter chocolate colour to cover the main areas. This added extra texture as well - which will be needed when it comes to drybrushing the lighter colours.  I then used a lighter cocoa bean colour emulsion on the roads and trails - looks grey on the photos but that is the light tonight it dries different too.

So this is now being left to dry for 24 hrs , before applying greens and then further highlights.



  1. Really taking off now; top job Sir!

  2. It is taking form fast. Very nice.

  3. Looking good Dave :)

    If that is the B&Q cocoa bean emulsion, it does dry to a mid-dark brown (that's what I use as basecoat on my bases before gluing figures on)

    1. yep thats the one.. it really does change colour though doesn't it

  4. Excellent work, Dave. I can clearly see 'Boot Hill' off in the distance. You could call your drop-off 'Cat Box Canyon'. ;)

  5. Looking good Dave! Can't wait to see the finished job.

  6. Nice work Dave, this is really coming on!!!

  7. I love seeing these tutorials and how they progress. God for picking up little snippits too like the B&Q cocoa paint.
    Keep up the good work Dave.


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