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I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Grand Master Ulrich von Jungingen

Having returned from hols I have a host of autumn projects lined up - an air force (more correctly 2) of 1/144 Eastern front aircraft, a full blown converted lancer regiment (or two...) , some old school shineyness AWI, old school shiney Naploeonics as well. However I still have a few outstanding "just cause I fancied" them purchases from Salute as well - and here we have one.

A rather fine figure from Testudo miniatures in Italy (I got them from PD miniatures , but the thier website seems to have gone so not sure if available direct in the UK any more)from their personalities set for the battle of Tannenburg. He was a bitch to put together lots of fiddly bits He has separate, sword, dagger, lance ,mace, helmet feathers and shield, the cape is a two piece affair which in the end i soldered together using the big soldering gun. But worth the effort in the end

It was a very good figure to paint with the challenge of the white barding and the billowing cape being fun!

Anyway he is the first of an occasional series of Teutonic Knights

Hoping to get a cowboy game or several in coming up too!


  1. lovely looking knight Dave :)

  2. Very nice figure, wonderful painting & basing. I like the flowing cape too. Best, Dean

    1. Thanks - that was a bit a work i have to say

  3. Very nice figure. You have done a lot of work with it!

  4. What a cracker Dave, just glad I didn't see it at Salute as it would have been added to my lead pile.

    1. er yes... i have another 5 of his "friends" to do as well

  5. That's spiffy! Nice job on the white.

  6. Looks good. White I find such a tricky colour to work with.

  7. You are a big inspiration for me about your Painting etc

    maybe you have a look to my blog http://j-w-p.blogspot.co.at/

    Im Michael an ex Games Workshop Employe and now startet a Painting Blog...maybe you find something interesting

    would be an honor to see you arround

  8. Superb painting and basing on this little gem.

  9. Wow, that is a bunch of parts! Nonetheless, he came off brilliantly. Great work on the heraldry, pennant, plumes, etc!

    1. cheers Curt - yes he was a little complicated!

  10. Beautiful figure, well worth the work.



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