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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

It's that man again.

The return of Napoleon to the blog  especially for Kawe at Westfalia Miniatures & Grossbeeren 1813..  I have had these guys kicking around for a while mostly painted with just final highlights and the table details to do . Oh the maps and the orders were fun to do , thank heaven for reading glasses (happens to us all !). They are a mix of 4 Perry metal sets. Now traditionally i have not been a great fan , and I do think they could still improve the casting quality a little sometimes, they were a devil to clean up all the bits of flash. They are however once you have done lovely to paint - very taken with the various facial details. Of course they took an age as every figure is an individual 

 Marshal Ney decidng where to charge next  my favourite figure of the lot (probably because he's my favourite Marshal)

 The staff write out the orders - just check what time it is.

Meanwhile the Emperors personal staff await his commands



  1. Superb! Mind you it's making my eyes sore just thinking about those map details. Funnily enough I was thinking how much work Perry metals were when I was cleaning up a few Sudan bits; is t to do with their age and the amount of casts taken from the master or have they always been like this?

    1. Cheers Michael - er yes they have always been a pain - and even new releases seem to suffer from it to. At least you don't get that with thier plastics!

  2. The long wait came to an end.

    Thank you Dave for sorting my Napoleonic fix and for sharing the outstanding images!

    Reminds that I really need to buy the shown sets sometime soon.


    1. We aim to please! more along shortly I hope

  3. Fantastic painting work, Dave.
    And yes! Perry metals have a lot of work before you can begin to paint them!

  4. Terrific! Wonderful character in the figs, and you've brought it out with the painting and vignette. Great stuff.

    1. Cheers - they were hard work , but worth it

  5. That is top shelf work there! Very impressive and it reminds me why I keep away from painting 28mm other than WWII ;-)


  6. Superb, love the little map details on the tables :-)

    1. Thanks - it was a challenge to to old eys i must say

  7. Truly awe inspiring work!

    Part of the reason I have nominated your blog for a Leibster award.



  8. Lovely work, Dave. And a great centerpiece for Kawe! Lucky lad.

  9. Great fig's and wonderful painting Dave.

  10. Superb painting and detail on these Dave. I think if Perry's chose a better company for casting the figures it would probably reflect in the price, so I guess we have to decide on value or quality and if you are just cleaning up/buying a few or lots of figures. Personally I would rather spend a little extra time cleaning the figures up and keep the price down but then I am a tight git.


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