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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Public Enemy #1 The Warehouse Part 2

I managed another session on the warehouse building today. A mix of modelmaking, painting, photoshop and electrical work - all very satisfying. I had settled on a dark grey colour for the building and had given that a thin wash of Humbrol 67 Panzer grey earlier in the week, and let it dry. So today was about some weathering and highlights. Which were done using a range of  shades of grey, white , blue/grey. With there being a lot of brick work i decided to try and highlight some bricks in a slightly different colur to break it up a bit - I think it came out pretty good.

 The sign was created in photo-shop with a downloaded 1920's font

The inside has been given a couple of coats of white as a whitewash-upper floor floorboards painted in th e3 small rooms. Still a bit more to do here i think. - I still have more crates to build!

 I decided to add in LED lights onto the ceiling with push switch through onto the outer roof.  Still a bit of tidy up work to do here, final positions still to resolve - held in with blue tac for now.
 Phew - it works when you switch it on
It was Scotts post from last year that inspired me to do this

One thing i have found with this kit is that while it has some decent internal detail - it could do with some more. I will need to source or craft some desks/ chairs etc for the rooms as well. There isn't any roof furniture , no means of getting on the roof, etc. So I have added a trap door from the upper floor in the right hand side. I put the lights control switch on the left at the front and will camouflage it into a smoke stack for a stove in the room below.

So here are few more lighting effect shots


A deal goes down behind the grimy windows - which were added to the kit created from a sheet of laminate.


  Tom E Gunn - keeps an eye out in the back.

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