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I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Spanish Hussars

OK - a bit left field for me of late. In between preparation work for the winter challenge stuff I have decided to clear out some side projects. So here is the first one, some Old School shinyness for you. These are 28mm Spanish Hussars by Eagle Figures. I had only come across this range recently and there are some nice bits in it. They come with seperate sword arms which I took the opportunity to solder on in a range of positions - personally I hate seperate arms etc as if glued at some point they are likely to come apart - these lads won't now.

A more traditional view of Spanish Hussars - that of running way..(sorry Juan ;-)).

Talking of preparation works - I had to get into the loft to reach the far end of the lead mountain in search of horseflesh - I found the bag of "spare" horses. Most are at least 20 years old but will be just the job to provide mounts for my Colonial Cavalry for the Sudan - I am using Peter Gilder's Connoissuer figures, so it will save a few pennies (actually a lot of pennies - have you seen the price of 28mm horses!) not having to buy 64 horses , just riders. Just a bit of clean up work required.

One of the early jobs for the challenge will be to do all the oil rub on these and leave them to dry for a few weeks - 3 cavalry regiments should provide a nice point boost for the back of the challenge.

I have another "Shiny" project up next as well - the long awaited Highlanders for the AWI...


  1. Ohhh shiny! Love these Dave, can't wait for the nest surprise. As for the oil rubbings, sounds as if you're going in search of the sun! :D

    1. Michael - it tends to look that after doing it as well... reminds me i must by new a box of gloves!

  2. Great looking Hussars, nice job and nice unit!

  3. Very very nice. Love shiny soldiers. Takes me back to the look of the figures I played with when I was young. Great posting and lovely loft find. I guess you won't be struggling for a rider & mount for the bonus challenge round :-)

    1. thanks - certainly no shortage of mounted stuff that is for sure

  4. Old School loveliness! Fantastic looking hussars. Well done.

  5. Ooh, those are very tasty Dons, Mr Docherty! (They look as good retreating as they do advancing! ;) ) Someday I must commission you for a unit of Portuguese cavalry to fit in with my (shamefully glossless) Peninsular collection.

    1. Thanks Curt, Naps are pretty rare for me at the moment , so it's nice to do one very now and again.

  6. Very fine Dave. Kit bashing some Spanish hussars is still on my to do list

  7. Old school gloss varnish on horse and musket? Love it!

  8. They look superb Dave, beautifully painted!

    1. Thanks David.. Nice to see an appreciation of gloss!


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