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I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Looking forward to 2015

That is 2014 all packed away, and I guess its traditional to set some goals for the coming year. 

So looking into the crystal ball for the year ahead. 

Having used the mind bleach to rid myself of the vision of Millsy's victory dance following our opening wager for this years challenge , this is what I see.

Sudan Related
1) Complete the Sudan Imperial forces that are already sourced.
2) Build a steamer for the Sudan
3) Terrain items for the Sudan
4) Source the Camel Corps,mounted and dismounted
5) get a game running

Gangster Related
1) Complete the already sourced buildings
2) Review rules to create a simple participation game set.
3) get it to a show and play it!

1) Gaming! 
2) look at a Steamer for the River..

Show Attendance
1) Blog Con3 - let's see if we can make it fly again
2) York in February
3) Salute..just maybe.
4) one of the Partizans.

I have a left field hankering to do something WW2.. I have an idea of doing the Raid on St Nazaire .. But not sure what scale, size etc...

Oh and get my own back on Millsy..

There are bound to be a few distractions along the way...but in the meantime it's back to the paint desk over the weekend.


  1. It promises to be a cracking ride! Here's to 2015 and mountains of shiny goodness.

  2. I think of the above plans, the one I'm most looking forward to seeing is you getting your own back on Millsy :)

    1. Indeed.. I don't want to have to use the mind bleach again!

  3. ROFLMAO. I've never been "mind bleached" before. That may well be the ultimate compliment!

    I look forward to your continued efforts to tear down my house of cards my friend. It's always wonderful work and inspiring in so many ways.

    1. Ha... Max strength required! In the words of Maximus.. Are you not Entertained!

  4. Well, considering the speed with which you're hammering out the Imperial units, the Sudan goals should be comfortably achieved. Unless, that is, you plan MASSIVE forces.
    Beware of the bleach though as it causes burns and split skin when used for personal hygiene. I couldn't pee straight for a week . . . .

  5. Can't wait to look at Sudan's achievements!

  6. Looking like a good year coming up for you there Dave

  7. This list looks full of very interesting projects! Good luck with them.

  8. I may well see you then at York, to say hello.

  9. Looking forward to your year Dave. May catch you at Salute or elsewhere

  10. I'm always looking forward to seeing your next achievements; this year's plan sounds good!

  11. Have a great 2015 Dave, I'll look forward to your output.


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