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Monday, 12 January 2015

Pulp - The last of the Police Department.

Here we have the remainder of the "Serenity City P.D" . These are a set of Copplestone Minatures which were gifted to me by my Secret Santa (an idea originally devised by our very own Ian Willey and organised by Cath) this year - good choice Santa. These were a real joy to paint.

 The tough beat cops of "Serenity City"
The brothers Fran and Ray O'Shee (ok maybe he ain't so tough), Pat McKay, and Dan O'Donald (from one of my GxGrandparent who was a beat cop - often found in ale houses, and fond of an odd drop of the water of life..well that what his disciplinary record showed!)

These were painted using the Andrea Color Blue paint set. This can give very subtle blends and finishes easily. However you can lose it under a flat varnish so with 28mm figures I give them a coat of varnish and then add some extra highlights to the areas that need it.

Here is a full roll call 

I am on the look out for a good "Chief" figure and of course next I need some detectives and G Men..


  1. Nice cops Dave. For the chief are you after uniform or civvy suit? For the uniform, there's one figure in the Blue Moon pack that could fit the bill.

    1. For the 'tecs, don't forget to look in civvy packs. There's a figure in the Blue Moon pack making notes; I think the Pulp Figures have something similar in their reporters set

    2. good call... i want a uniformed chief.. so will check that out..

    3. The pack has 6 cops and 6 G-Men (including one who looks rather like a character portrayed by a certain Scottish *ahem* actor)

      Alternatively, there is a senior officer type in the Pulp Figures Police Heavy Weapons pack, but unfortunately he has a loudhailer in one hand

    4. While the HMG is also tempting ... I think I like the variety in the BMM ones... Thanks for the heads up..

  2. Stunning work Dave, that last photograph is a cracker.

    1. Yeah it is isn't it... Wait til you seen the Mob...cheers Michael. Oh and I so need to build a station House!

  3. Great painting work, and a full precint of cops!

  4. Great stuff Dave. I was wondering how you get your blue's so smooth and distinct and now I know.

    1. Ha .. Trade secrets eh.. You get 6 shades in th Andrea sets, so double your normal triads. I love using these on 54mm stuff as you can really blend them , for 28mm just I think it just needs a bit of extra highlight a shade up post varnish .. Then varnish again job done

  5. Beautiful work Dave, the blue looks excellent, not sure about using 6 colours to do it, sod that!

    1. Ha .. I think I used 4 of the 6 .. And surprisingly it does not actually take that long , these took about an hour altogether


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