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I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Sudan - Vignette pieces

More vignette pieces completed this week. The war correspondents from Perry, and a set of  locals making their way to town in possession of various snippets of "intelligence" , will it be accurate or lies, who knows! well the umpire will ... i.e.  me!

War Reporters, Bennet Burleigh, Melton Prior sketching and Frederic Villiers mounted

The dog is a limited addition piece from Jon at Ainsty who breeds Otterhounds, so I have added it as the faithful companion to Bennett Burlieigh the Daily Telegraph correspondent.

The reporters are another nuisance for the imperial commanders as they go off risking themselves, and needing to be protected, or more likely rescued. Nicely diverting the imperial players from their core mission. After all bad news always appears in the papers.

Also a set of locals heading to town with their wares. These are an old Connoisseur Miniatures set, the detail was very soft, but actually from table distance they do the job, and could just about be added to a nativity set!


  1. Brilliant work mate - always love those pesky journos from Fleet Street being on the table. Bloody buggers constantly needing something, asking silly questions and always drinking all the gin!!

    1. Oh indeed.. I expect them to be the source of mayhem

  2. Those look brilliant and will be a great addition to the tabletop.

  3. I know I moan about the apparently total lack of quality control at the Parry gaff, but they do make some lovely stuff. Nicely done and much more than just dressing for a game.
    "After all bad news always appears in the papers." Not if the journos get in the way of a bullet, it doesn't ;O)

    1. Oh I fully agree.. These were complete sods to clean up...

      Well that is true... Let's see

  4. Stunning images - lovely figures and background.

  5. Hmm, seems to me that you also need a British Officer who has been accused of cowardice and has donned Arab clothes to rescue his reputation. Any Flashman was probably there as well :-) . Spies and news stories aren't far apart...


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