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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Sudan - Last of the Naval Brigade

Here we have the final installment of the Naval Brigade for the Sudan collection. A further 24 matelots "at the ready" to flesh out the the existing company of 18, plus  various gunners.  

28mm  Perry Miniatures

And here is the full Naval Brigade accumulated over the last few years - various unreliable machine guns, crew and limbers, close-order and skirmish companies. 

The latest batch have soft caps, rather than the more interesting sennet hats that some of them have. 

When I take the the Sudan game out of the show circuit it is run as a participation game and part of this is providing some head wear for the participants - Pith helmets, fezzes - ok Tarbooshes really. So I recently commissioned a bespoke original pattern straw Sennet (boater type) hat from Philip Wrights, a traditional old milliners in Luton in the UK - the home  of hats. They have recently been making them for the Royal Navy Museum in Portsmouth so that was good enough for me. I has a generic Naval Brigade tally on it. I shall source a few specific ship ones as I get some more information on units represented.

I have also added in a couple of new single figures as well- that appeared as my opening post in the painting challenge

The lady is the limited edition Mary Seacole figure from Partizan this year. The officer sipping tea was picked up from a mixed box of figures at a show and is of unknown provenance. The poor soul on the loo is part of a toilet humour set made by Colonel Bills - and the Thunderbox is by Foreground, if I remember. 


  1. Very nice! Loving the Naval Brigade, and can't wait to see your future ACW hat-wear (yes, I've already been looking for myself).

    The MDF toilet is by 4Ground, by the look of it. There's a Colonel Bills' Victorian toilet break miniature in the pipeline (err, bad choice of words) at the moment, entitled "Taking the Pith" which will come with the smaller W.C. model.

  2. Your naval brigade is a thing of envy sir!

  3. Wonderful work as usual Dave. Absolutely love the thunder box figures and the naval brigade will certainly get a fair bit of action next year knowing you. Great painting is always a joy to see.

  4. Outstanding stuff Dave, and a real joy to watch you working on these too. Their uniforms will look especially eye-catching amidst all that Sudan sand :-)

  5. Outstanding work and I love the poor fellow on the Thunder box...nice touch indeed.

  6. Thanks all... it's good to see the end of some parts of this project at last !


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