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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Sudan - Last of the Baggara cavalry and the army completed.

ts been a week of horseflesh and riders (well the horses were done 3 weeks ago with oils) to complete the FINAL (honest....) unit for the Mahdist forces. This is 39 Baggara cavalry and a mounted commander to add to the existing 32 - so a total of 72 cavalry.

they are all Perry miniatures. Each of the spear carriers has had a flattened sharpened short spear soldered in the riders hand to make them more durable as the supplied spear is way too bendy and thick. So these lads have a tendency to "bite" you - or get stuck up your finger nail if you don't treat them with respect!

All 72 together :-

and the whole army completed over the various winter challenges  all laid out...

and a short video review of it. 

This completes the Mahdist forces. This will let me run multiple simultaneous battles , or really increase the figure scale for a large one.

I still have lots of different options still do to for the Imperials, Egyptian and Sudanese units which will keep me busy for a while.

The battle of 2nd EL-Teb is planned for the weekend after next using Black Powder rules (a first run out using these for me)


  1. Lovely work Dave, but you know you want to add 28 more to make a round hundred for them! :)

  2. Impressive. And all to such a high standard.

  3. Simply stunning Dave, fabulous achievement Sir.

  4. I really like that command chappie in front of the cavarly. The colours and overall look are very well done.

    Will you be having to hire a van to transport all the stuff, however? Sack barrow, too?

    1. Cheers Roy.... h us I have a sack barrow for moving them already ... and am planning a bigger car purchase later in the Year!

  5. Now that is an army! Brilliant job!

  6. Wow, that's brilliant. I couldn't have gotten that many painted (the whole army, that is), much less to that level, in anything less than a year. Nicely done, sir.

  7. great brushworks and you must certainly have a relief to have this force ready for action!

    1. yes glad to be finished those now . looking forward to more of their opponents

  8. That's some force, I pity the Imperialist until they get their reinforcements

    1. oh I think they will be able to handle things... now the Egyptians...that may be another matter

    2. I was quite taken with the couple of Egyptian units that were garrisoning the village, at the Shildon show. I keep meaning to do a brief google search for some more info on them, as, just out of interest, I'd like to know a bit more.

    3. Roy ... start from 1882 and the reasons for the battle of Tel EL Kebir

  9. Looks wonderful Dave - can never have enough cavalry mate.

  10. Well done!

    A force to aspire to. Where did you get the dowh from?



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