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I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Sudan - The marketplace.

Time for another little side project with completion of a set or two of civilians from the lead pile. These are the Arabs of the Market sets by Connoisseur Miniatures from Bicorne - original Peter Gilder creations.

Of course these are old school style sculpts, they a different style and standard than you would get today.  I think though with a simple paint job and the right setting they do come up well - they have some life about them - classic Gilder.

The smaller market stall is part of the set and is a metal construct with a piece of old handkerchief added over it , fixed into place with PVA given a diluted PVA wash to harden it and given it a paint job.

the other 4 were a set purchased from Adrianswalls These were given a repaint to give them a bit more life

With the rest of the already completed ones added - I think these can work from biblical to modern times!


  1. Evocative and beautiful place!

  2. Looking the business (poor pun, I know).

    But where's the Rupert belonging the Commissariat and Transport Staff? Logistical cock-ups don't just happen by themselves.

    There's a scenario in itself. Rescue the supplies that the silly sod has had delivered to the wrong destination, and are now in the hands of the enemy!

    1. You read my mind ... I am busy making the stack of stores now!

  3. excellent and as you say quite multi-period.

  4. Cracking piece of scenery eye candy Dave!

  5. Great 'window dressing', but as Roy suggests, also veryu usable in a game too.

    1. Cheers..indeed I think they may see service elsewhere sometimes

  6. Great stuff Dave. I can see loads of use for these. Lots of character and you can never have enough set dressing!

    1. Cheers.. indeed I think they may make regular appearances!

  7. Perhaps for modern times there should be more evidence of mobile phones on sale in the market :-) ? Otherwise - leaving aside that flippant observation - this looks very useful.

  8. These look very good as usual Dave. Very cleverly done with the stall covers.


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