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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Catch Up time

Its been a very busy couple of months since the wind down of the winter painting challenge with lots going , so its about time I caught up here. The works on the man cave are into their final phase, and with the impending finishing of the other upper room refurbishment we are doing it will be time to look as game table options.

In the mean time work has started on a couple of things . Having a game coming up at Partizan has pushed me to get on with the Military Railway. I had picked up a toy train set by "Teemsterz" which was labelled as 1/55th scale - they are still available on Amazon and e-bay for a few more.. I found it in the local post office just before Xmas it cost £3.50 - so I bought two sets. I have butchered  one carriage to make a flat bed one , and added some plasticard to armour the loco part. The rails and sleepers are proper model railway On30 track i sourced form my previous Cowboy project which looks the part. While the model does not sit on the rail rather over it I think it will work ok. If not i will shorten the axles if need be.

I need to do something about a coal tender as it did not come with one..

The original inspiration for it - need to make some construction crews too 

Undercoating done...
I have also decided to finalise my basing on the skirmish stands for the Sudan into permanent stands rather then single figures in sabot trays - so the Mahdists have been completed.

Next up is some progress on the upcoming 10mm ACW group project with my first Union troops painted. There are a few of us painting units for a first game hopefully in June/July.

 and the next lot started

A few new purchases from the "didn't go to Salute" spending..

 Lets see where this ends up ...

And finally , as part of the tidy up work going on I found my sets of Eagle and Dixie cards by Colombia Games, so decided to get Deepcut Studios make me a bespoke playing mat in mousemat material . Its 22x34 inches and I am very pleased with the result

So there you go - its been busy! If you are at Partizan , pop by and say hello..


  1. Nice job on the train the same company do make one with a tender if you can get one.

  2. What a post, who doesn't want to see an armoured train? Congo is a great fun read, I'm looking forward to giving it a spin too. Spent most of today digging out potential miniatures and was pleased to discover that I had enough, mind you that didn't stop me ordering a couple of packs of Pygmys!

  3. Congo is a great game, I am playing the 'Kong' scenario tomorrow night. Not had a chance to read DitDC yet. The train looks good.

  4. Replies
    1. Cheers , got some spare bits that might work for you VBCW stuff

  5. Dave thats a cracking looking train, and I am very envious of your playing mat as well.

    1. Cheers, I was pleased with the mat myself , so much I have made another one for my ACW cards too , just placed the order

  6. Yes indeed, love the train, what a bargain! You might find it slightly amusing to see a painting I was commissioned to do based on an African wargame scenario http://notjustoldschool.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/oil-painting-railway-raid.html

    1. Thanks Chris . Will take a look at that

    2. had a good look today - that is an excellent piece of art work .

  7. Looks cracking.

    Are those Pendraken 10mms I see?

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks a Paul, it's coming along nicely

  9. Plenty of fun to be had in the Dark Continent, especially for those (like me) who play as Native Tribes - Just caught out my 'allies' in a postal campaign game, they're Christian European nations and getting friendly with my Rozwi (C17th-C18th Zimbabwe), but this turn's in-game newspaper has posted my roleplayed article mentioning the fact that we practice human sacrifice to the Ancestor Spirits. Its going to be fun, now, to see how the Christians (especially the Portuguese, with their Inquisition!) react to the news they've gotten into bed with Spirit Magic practitioners and human sacrificers. They can't upset me too much as I'm the local power in south east Africa, who's completely reorganised my military on the lines of Shaka's Zulus and can quite easily push aside the Portuguese or the Dutch.

  10. The train's coming along nicely...something else to add to my 'must-buy' list! Look forward to seeing some Darkest Africa bat reps with your new rules!

  11. Oh, I really like the armour mod that you did for your locomotive. Terrific work Dave!

  12. Any ideas with the African games, yet? I'm quite interested to know if you'd be looking at a Bantu-speaking Tribal force, or sticking with an Arabic-speaking and influenced force. Our are you waiting to see what the Perry Zulus are like, first, before making a decision?

    I reckon the North Star Matabele are rather nice, myself. Though being metal the cost and conversion potential is more limiting than plastics. Don't know much about the Anglo-Ndebele wars of 1890s, but the inter-Tribal conflicts of this group sound quite interesting and something different to the usual Zulu collections that are normally seen with southern African wargaming.


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