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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Partizan Part 2 - The battle continues

The action picked up pace as the morning went on with more Mahdists arriving in force .

Mahdists emerged in force from the Wadi.. the balloon had spotted them just in time to allow forces  to be  deployed 

The Egyptians lose two battalions quickly , the remains one , gun and cut of British  engineers form square and hope..

The Indian Brigade marching to sound of fighting arrives - can they deploy in time

More Madhdist mass on the west side of the Zariba
Rapid fire time ... can the thin line hold the horde...

A huge force of Baggara cavalry start to sweep around the North side.. 

The line breaks as the mahdists enter the zariba destroying the defenders

The sailors pour fire out of the zariba - the Gardener gun is glowing...
The Bengal Lancers deploy to challenge the Baggara.

The 15th Sikh , and 17th Punjab deploy into line to protect the western side,risking their flanks,,
The Scots Guards are heavily outnumbered at the western side - a unit of the NSW artillery is destroyed

Will it hold!
The 28th Bengal double time it , to fill the breach - and blaze away at the remaining mahdists inside the zariba

The unit of Egyptian lancers were having a great battle - crossing the wadi they cut a path through  and  attacked  the zariba besiegers from the rear!
The Naval brigade had hammered the lead Baggara cavalry - the Bengal lancers  crashed in destroying half the force which fled.. the North side was cleared..
The western side attackers were being whittled down - the guards held the zariba for 3 turns  , the Gardener gun on the train rattled out dropping swathes...
The 15th and 17th are in hand to hand - just holding with cracking morale dice.. forcing the hordes back..
The Mahdists have had enough - but oh it had been close!

next up the loot! 


  1. Absolutely brilliant Mr Docherty. Great report and wonde full pictures. Poor old Colonial New South Welsmen cop it again I see!

    1. Really yes ... it was a baptism of fire for a lot of new units!

  2. Such a tremendous game and so close in the end. I was suggested to Martin that next time we have a waterborne encounter with paddle steamers and crocodiles.

    1. Oh yes , steamers , dhows and crocodiles! What's not to like!

  3. I thought the Mahdists were gonna do it! Love the balloon too!

  4. sounds like a film script Dave. superb.

  5. Great pics and the game sounds like a lot of fun was had by all :)

  6. Bravo! Gotta have a balloon in my Sudan forces now... :o))

  7. Dam! Wish I could have made it. Looks amazing!

  8. Cracking table...lovely figs...great looking game!

  9. Absolutely superb! Congratulations on putting on such a terrific spectacle, Dave. I particularly loved seeing the balloon and your train. It looked to be a real triumph. Bravo!

  10. Great set up Dave.....sad I missed it ☹️

    1. get yourself along to the next Partizan

  11. Epic stuff Dave. It belongs on the big screen!

  12. Really brilliant looking game. Nice to see all those figure in a game.

  13. Hi Dave. Very inspiring. It's a great period and your figs, terrain etc are wonderful. Hope we can get our collection and yours together for a huge game later in the year.


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