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I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Monday, 29 January 2018

VBCW - The Telegram Rifles

Something a little left field this time. Last year Martin C set up large Very British Civil War game for the lads of the Old Guard. I wanted to get some figures to contribute for a next outing. While looking around for some other items I came across the Ironclad Miniatures site which has some interesting sets for it.

I went for the Telegram Rifles - which seemed fitting given I work for the company descended from the GPO.

They consist of a mix of rifles , a Lewis gun a Thompson, plus a communications section - complete with wicker basket and pigeon.

They are nice clean sculpts and have come out nicely.

back to some more traditional stuff next


  1. Great to see you finally painting some proper historicals, Dave ;-) They look awesome, with their blue and red stripes. Great basing too. Marvellous work.

    1. You know me too well.. it’s in the blood.

  2. Great work Dave! I sense a dangerous lack of camels though.

    1. Aah indeed yes... planning on rectifying that very soon.

  3. Superb, love the figures and the sceenry...

  4. Good job painting these excellent Ironclad Miniatures! Nice detailing.
    A lovely selection of figures they include everything from pigeons to Lewis guns 😊...

  5. They look very good. Interesting sculpts on them too. I am roking on my VBCW forces as well. I had hoped to have a good force sorted by Christmas but that's come and gone. Ah well...


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