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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Cold War Gone Hot - Bridges

I mentioned before i was looking for some better bridges as I thought the resin ones i have are just too small. I went on a interweb trawl looking for model railway ones so here are the ones i found.

These are N gauge MDF kits for a short and long single track girder bridge . The are by In The Greenwood Laser . They are 45mm wide , 47mm high , and 97mm and 145mm long respectively.
The price was reasonable , the  service from the the company was quick, and they are a nice simple kit to put together.

I made some supports and ramps from some 2mm MDF bases I had in stock. The end supports and bridges have small magnets in them to enable the main bridge to be removed to pack them  away easier - and allow me to add other bridge types in the future too.

I gave both bridges a spray in an olive drab colour and gave them a bit of highlighting work. I added on roadway detail by making it in Powerpoint and print it off on heavier paper and glueing on with PVA.


  1. excellent, have just the forces to capture them

  2. Replies
    1. Ahhh... but are the existing ones... or new ones...

  3. I like the XIX Roman Numerals on the bridge supports. Would be very fitting if somebody had some Green Howards' troops to capture them!

    1. Aah indeed.. Martin has the Brit Infantry... mind I will soon have Soviet Paras and Spetnaz

    2. Knowing Martin, he'll want to do some southern Staffordshire Regiment. And, being a snob, they're only 38th in seniority! lol :D

    3. Oh indeed, but we know they arn’t proper soldiers!

  4. Nice will look out for these, although I do have one girder bridge in the box 😀


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