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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Chasseurs à Cheval - Work in Progress part 2

So work on the two Chasseur units continues, now starting to get toward the serious painting end of things. Conversions always take a serious amount of time compared to just wielding the brushes.

All conversions and sword replacement pinning done, first regiment horses finished , riders all mounted and ready for painting, The commander has had a sword added with wire sword knots created, replaced the scabbard with shaped metal one and this is made flying loose form the body. In addition the horses tail was completely remade in solder replacing the one that was cast down one of the rear legs - it gives more movement and life to the end result. The standard bearer  has had his shako helmet removed and bandaged head created using the iron and dremel., One of the two  trumpeters has been  converted from original casting to be made as blowing his trumpet.

Second regiment horses oiled ready for highlights, riders undercoated ready to be affixed once horses done - I have done the standard bearer on this one as a falling casualty. The horse completely repositioned with legs altered and soldered to the base, a  new tail made from solder as the cast one was wrapped around the leg. The rider himself has both arms removed from the casting and repositioned and soldered on , reins added on into a remade outstretched hand. The commander is made firing a pistol and again one trumpeter is converted to be blowing it in a more forward and upward position than the first regiment one. Twisted cooper wire cords are made and attached to the home made trumpet and passed around the figure under the arm.

Photos of the trumpeter conversion showing the "as is it is cast" propped up and what it now looks like - you can't beat blowing your trumpet..... oooo  er..

Also had some 18mm AB French Lancers turn up - I had forgotten just how good those castings are - a little job for completion in April ..

 The are all "Elite Miniatures"


  1. Nice Dave, I have shied away from Elite, for an unclear reason in retrospect. This is the first time I have seen the cavalry up close. I do have a couple of units of British Light Infantry by Elite and they are nice. I believe someone once made a disparaging mark about all looking up in the air, must of put me off. The cavalry look very nice, I really like the falling standard bearer.


    1. John - yes some of the Elite ones do have that looking up in the air thing going on , but the later stuff does not have that - these chasseurs are fine , as are the Vistula infantry and cav i have done recently. I can also be solved with the application of small pliers repositioning the head as well on most sculpts. They do give a decent feel of unit with life however - something i think is a little lost on some of the more recent anatomically correct hyperdetailed stuff!

  2. Well, your chasseurs already look incredibly good to my eyes. Can't wait to see the finished product.

    Best Regards,


    1. Thx Stokes - I will sort you that Horse painting entry by the way - just remebered i have not done it!

  3. Thats a big old unit with lots of conversions going on there. Look forward to seeing them finished.

    1. Cheers - you get used them when you playing "Grand Manner" ! in fact these are short units for a GM game , they would be 2/3 strength.

      Couple of really big units planned later thisyear hopefully

  4. The conversions look great and I have no doubt the the end result will be worth of the time and effort. I am always curious to see how others go about painting in a bid to pick up a few tips and I see that you favour completing the horses first and then attach the riders to paint as opposed to fiddling around with separate cavalry stands. I am definitely going to have to give this a go.

    1. Michael, thx, I undercoat the riders before fixing - after have done a test fitting. I have tried different methods of paiting the riders but this works just fine for me

  5. This is an enormous amount of work and the conversions are complex to say the least. The finished product on the trumpeter bears so little resemblance to the original piece that I'd never know how the figure began it's life. You're goal of achieving realism is admirable.

    And you were right, It was the Hollies song!

    1. YAY just call me Pop Quiz .... that was irony ;-)

  6. Excellent conversion work Dave. Really like the way your horses paint up too.

    1. Thx - been doing them that way for years - it's demonstrated in earlier blog entry . It works really well for large units IMHO

  7. Excellent work, Dave. I love the eclectic animation of Elite sculpts and you accentuate/heighten that with your conversions. Much of my collection is Perry castings but I really enjoy the character of these models. Well done.


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