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I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Happy Birthday

Well the blog has reached a major milestone - its first birthday!

Comments by ZingerBug.com

Some 20,000 plus hits and 70+ people expressing enough of an interest in my ramblings to follow me. I thank you one and all

I set this up with the intent of just giving me somewhere to record my foray back into painting and gaming, without much thought to the interaction that this would bring. It has really helped me to keep on painting and creating. Having had a significant break from my hobby the changes brought about by the t'interweb and the blossoming of a multitude of manufacturers has been refreshing.

As for the you wonderful people who drop by and comment occasionally and consistently with praise, suggestions and encouragement - I can honestly say it really helps. The interaction from like minded individuals around the global bloggerati is an inspiration.

So I am looking forward to much more this year, keeping on with the conversions and creations and looking forward to meeting up with some of your for a beer at Salute.

So for you lot ,- A bit of a Birthday giveaway - If any of you would like to choose your "One Man & His Brushes" birthday give away just reply with the item you are interested in. If there are more than one of you interested I will draw from the hat. If you are interested in more than one then do so - but only one prize each!. I will confirm who got what and then you can contact me to sort out delivery. I will close the give away on Monday morning 9.00am BST!

                                           Give Away - 1 - Kevin Dallimore Masterclass book.
All you ever wanted to know about painting figures the Foundry 3 colour way..and lots more.

                  Give away 2 - "Zulu" special edition DVD -(As if you lot ain't got it already!)

                            Give away 3 - "Band of Brother" DVD set-(As if you lot ain't got it already as well!)

                                               Give away 4 - "Victoria Cross Heroes" Book

Give away 5 -"The Old Contemptibles" Book

Give away 6 -Hell Riders" Book

All the books are great reads and come recommeded by me! But I need to make some space on the shelves and you might have some that needs filling

thanks you lot !


  1. Haapy B'day "One Man and His Brushes"!

    I for one have enjoyed reading your blog

    Put my hat in the ring for the Dallimore book :)

  2. Yeah more painting advice never goes astray. Count me down for that master lass book.
    Keep posting mate.

  3. Hi Dave,
    good to hear your blog helps keep you inspired. Been really ejoying your blog plus your conversions and painting keep me inspired. Keep em coming!!!

    I don't actually have the "Band of Brothers" DVD set so would love that is it is ok and nobody else bas it ;0)
    Best regards

    1. Excellent choice sir. Also you will be liking a project that is coming up soon - some 18mm AB stuff!

  4. happy birthday bloggy. Well done and keep it coming.
    And BTW, you can put my name in the hat for the Dallimore book too ;)

  5. Happy Blog Birthday Dave, keep up the great work!!
    I'm looking forward to meet you in person at Salute for a beer and a chat! I'll go in the hat for the Dallimore book too if you don't mind? sorry Tamsin!

  6. Happy Birthday for your blog. I am much the same as you in that I am fairly new back to the game but given your skills I would not have guessed you had come back so recently!

    I throw my Sun Hat in for Zulu (yep I don't even have it on VHS, shame on me)


  7. Well I started model making when i was 5 , so you don't tend to loose too much after doing it for 35 years even you do take a bit of a break!

    and damn fine choice of entertainemnt sir

  8. Put me in for the Master Class please. And I'm glad you came back as it helps me to look at your figures and your advice in my comments is greatly appreciated. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!

    1. Will do - it certainly contains some great ideas,

  9. Congratulations on your birthday blog and over 20,000 hits in that time is outstanding.
    Very generous of you with the giveaways, if you could put me in the hat for Zulu DVD as mine is playing up.

  10. Happy Blog birthday!

    Can I make a bid for Give away 6 - 'Hell Riders' Book? An engagement that so often gets referred to up but I'm ashamed to know precious little about.


    1. Certainly - it is a very informative and entertaining read

  11. Very many Happy Returns to this wonderful blog and I'm sure there will be many more top quality posts in the future. I've got to say I'm very impressed at the generosity and quality of the giveaways that you are offering and would be delighted if I could be considered for the 'Old Contemptibles' book.

    1. Request logged , it is fine read, especially coming up to he 100th anniversary of the battles,

  12. That's great Dave,
    What AB you doing? (I'll guess at 1812 Russians as we all seem to be doing 1812 at the moment ;0)

  13. Well done that man, I hope my blog does this well. I have the Master Class but Zulu or Band O bros I don't have. Maybe catch up at Salute, best wishes for the next year and another 70,000,

    Jeremy Jenkins

    PS I bought some Mamluks - cheers for the inspiration.

  14. Congratulations mate, I shall come back next year!


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