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Monday, 9 April 2012

Chasseurs à Cheval - Work Completed

After what seems like an age , these two regiments are now complete as far as I am taking them - looking forward to seeing them based & flagged. Very happy with the end results. The "Elite" miniatures give some real life to a unit. I think you have to remember these are designed to be fielded as large units en masse , all mixed in with a load of their mates. They are not hyper detailed, super anatomically correct - and i love them all the more for that. I see loads of Perry Napoleonics,all beautifully sculpted and individually well painted  yet very few have really struck me as delivering units that really look the business - but maybe it is my "old school" goggles that cause that.

One thing for sure is that these two units are truly individual with the extra conversion work done, so no other collector or gamer will have ones quite like them.

 24th CaC
 24th CaC

24th & 23rd CaC

Work progresses on the 18mm AB miniatures French Line Lancers - very nice they are too. So here are the trumpeters as a little taster.

Also next up is a Connoisseur British Line battalion - proper old school miniatures. 

 Also taken delivery of some Fireforge Mounted Teutonic Knights , and some Testudo Personalities (from PD Miniatures in the UK) to go with them.

Also got my eye on the Great Escape type Stalag Luft set by E-BOB - you gotta love the personalities. Sometimes you just have to paint for the fun of it.

Personality set picture taken from the EBOB website

Doug C will be pleased to hear his AWI Highlanders are about to get a serious looking at too ...

And less than 2 weeks to Salute - who knows what goodies that will turn up..


  1. You really have done these figures justice as they look superb. The guy about to get thrown over the front of his horse but determined to hold onto the eagle shows the quality and originality of this unit.

    1. Cheers. And the best bit is the worst posed horse is the one that works best for achieving that. It's becoming a bit of a speciality!

  2. Fabulous dahlink, fabulous! Love the horses (OK, love the riders too!) :)

    1. Why thanks you. There has been a bit of an equine development facilty work going here too..

  3. Fantastic work there Dave, love the falling standard bearer. I like Elite figures, on there own they look like monkey men, but on mass they look very, very cool!!!

  4. Superb Dave,
    Agree with the elites, always liked their dynamic look. I'm sitting swapping some heads of Russian officers at the moment trying to make my wee army unique to me so I know exactly what you mean.

    Thanks again for the Band of Brothers DVD, love it to bits!!!

  5. Well done Dave, a superb unit, unique a beautifully painted. I am also a little envious at your forthcoming projects I've had my eye on those Teutonic knights for a while and as for the ebob miniatures - they are very, very tempting.

  6. Yes Dave, they are unique, and very dynamic, I love uniqueness in a unit, and these look great, the ABs look great to.

  7. Great work Dave. The Elite figures do look great when bunched up a bit, which is the way they are designed, I think. Your conversion work and painting is unreal and makes for an amazing looking unit. Very well done Sir!

  8. Beautiful work, Dave - Bravo! (I'm with Ray in that I quite like the Eagle bearer who's about to take a header - ouch! Poor lad.)

  9. Very nice work! Love the 24th!

  10. Loads of variety, a great paint job and conversion work. Great stuff Dave.


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