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I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Winning line up

Well Curt has posted the results of the judging from the "Analogue Hobbies - 2nd Winter Painting Challenge"

Not only were there prizes for the amount of figures painted ( and boy did the lads at the top churn out some amount of quality kit. Well done Ray, Kent & Tim.). But there were also other categories to aim for.

People's Choice Award- Voted on by viewers of the challenge in general. Curt had over 100 different people pick their own choice of the winner. It went deservedly to Chris & his 15mm Ayyubid Mamluks

Sarah's choice- Suggested by Curts wife for a best female and an inspired idea that produced some great entries. Ultimately won by Phil's and his 1930s Gangsters Moll

Challengers choice- This was voted on by the participants in the challenge for their favourite entry which was won by my very own  Bavarian Chevaulegers "Konig". Judged against a panel of ones peers I am very pleased to have picked up this one- thanks guys.

Judges Choice- Awarded by Curt for his own favourite entry.  Curt decided to give Juan the prize based on the overall standard of Juans various entries. Indeed they deserved recognition well done Juan.

Prizes were also very generously sponsored by :-

You can find links to the guys who took part below - shamelessly nicked for ChristopherS Bunker Hill blog who now tells me he nicked it from Ray... all roads lead to Ray. Thanks again one and all for a great display. All the blogs are full of lovely eye candy - apart from Rays of course - he just uses a large brush.... ;-)

KentG: 4724
TimB: 3385
FranL: 2152
SteveM: 2044
ChrisP: 2029
MilesR: 1061
GregB: 1019
JohnM: 1000
IanW: 900
MikeW: 867
Curt: 791
Scott: 695
PhilH: 519
JuanM: 446
ChristopherS: 442
DallasE: 420
Michael: 315
JohnB: 310
RossM: 269
TimmyD: 138
Sylvain: 90
PaulP: 34

 I am sure if Curt has the stamina to ever host another one then there will be a mad rush to join up- and no doubt lots of pre challenge prep work. I have a few ideas for projects if there is a next time.


  1. Actually my preferd brush is a 2.5 inch emulsion brush, gets a little messy, but does the job bloody quick!!

    1. Ha , so you are found out... If only it were that easy eh..

      hats of to ya for an immense amount of work

  2. Congratulation's Dave D, I voted for your mameluks, but the bavarians are also very nice.


    1. Thanks John- glad you liked them. The Mamalukes were certainly a hell of a lot of work compared to Bavarians!

  3. Congratulations Dave on your well-deserved recognition! It was great to have you as a participant in the Challenge and hope to see you soon at SALUTE!

    1. Cheers - and yes looking forward to Salute myself

  4. Congrats on your win and I shamelessly had nicked the blog+links from Ray!(LoL!)
    Actually I think Ray has a "sweat shop" that he drives mercilessly with a whip churning out painted figures for his collection!;-)


    1. Cheers - I so miss read that - Ray has a "sweet shop" ... mind maybe he bribes peope, to paint for him!


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