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I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Lt Melvill - Zulu Wars - Empress Miniatures

Well there has been a lot of French green here lately, so to finish of clearing the painting table I found this figure part done, as I had started the horse but was struggling to get on with the look of  it, so parked it unitl another time.

The horse was done with a Burnt Sienna oil rub over Humbrol 62 (leather) however i did not like the end look - not enough sculpting on horse to make it really work well I think. I then varnished it with matt enamel varnish (once it was dried!), and gave it a wash with Vallejo Sepia dipping formula. Highlights on mane and tail were then done with Vallejo biege brown, the socks and blaze were Vallejo Ivory and then an offwhite highlight!

I used the Andrea red cololr set for the tunic

A bit  more about Sepia Wash
it works like the unbiquitous GW Devlan Mud, excpet you get 16 times the amount  for about 2.5 times the price... do the maths - i am Scots/Yorkshire....
LINK - Via Antenocitis Workshop

I have had more goodies turn up to add the Gunfighters - with a host more of civilains and bad guys again from Black Scorpion. more soon.

cheers! TGIF!


  1. Top painting Sir!! I think I may invest in some of that Vallejo Sepia wash!

  2. The extra work on the horse flesh was certainley worth it, superb piece of paintwork.

    Likewise, I think I may have to get some of this sepia wash a try

  3. Lovely work on this great miniature; Looking forward to the gunfighters!

  4. Great work, Dave, and good pointer to the sepia wash.


  5. Nice, I have been waiting to get the Vallejo washes for the exact reason you state.


  6. Beautifully done piece here.

  7. Great looking figure, well worth going back to. Like others above I will be checking out the Sepia Wash, I already use Devian Mud and given the replacment is not suposed to be the same it's time to try out something new.


  8. Lovely, lovely paint job... crikey though, ain't that horse big!? :o)

  9. Dave,
    That's a great looking finish.
    I like it a lot! The Officer looks great as well mate.
    Keep up the inspirational work.

  10. Damn nice work Dave, I too like to be careful with the pennies and that wash is a good deal!

  11. And ANTENOCITIS is at Salute on saturday - a chance to pick some up!


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