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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Salute 2012

So it is off to Salute 2012 this weekend . Two wargames shows in the same year, blimey, the bug is obviously well and truly back. I am probably in danger of catching  The Painting Disease or Shinybloodyitis!. I do recognise those symptoms - wonder if you can get a "fit note" for it, figures on prescription would really help - don't you think?

But as the Vogon says "Resistance is useless," - Time to embrace some shinyness.

The last time I went to Salute it was still in Kensington & Chelsea town hall , and it was packed out thoroughly unpleasant.So I am looking forward to seeing the new venue. As it is good distance from God's Own County I am making a weekend of it and going to be a tourist on Friday too. I go to London almost weekly with the day job , but never really get chance to see anything of interest to me. So I will see what time me and friend  Steve (aka GINGA - guess why?) land and see where we end up.

So having downloaded the helpful plan and list of traders what are to be the  targets of the shinyness logistics corps?

Mutineer Miniatures - Thanks to Michael and his 28mmvictorianwarfare blog  will be top of the list for Gurkha's and Naval Brigade units. - they should have you on commission!

Empress Miniatures. For the new Zulu releases - A "film" and historic versions

The second pack contains historical depictions of Chaplain George Smith, Corporal Friederich Schiess of the Natal Native Contingent, Acting Assistant Commissary James Langley Dalton, Surgeon Reynolds and Private Hitch.

Testudo to pick up some more mounted commanders and foot for the upcoming Teutonic mini project.

Dave Thomas - to pick up some more bits for the El Teb project -

Followed by a good old mooch about , and meeting up with some old friends , and hopefully some new ones from the blogosphere (it looks like 1-2 in the seating area at the end - but if anyone wants a more definite arrangement use the "contact me" link in the sidebar and we can sort something out) . Perhaps I may even partake of a sherbert or two - or 3..

Well I can't just ramble and then not show you something new , from the "Old School" . 28mm French Dragoon officer - consulting his map. 


Pretty sure he is a Connoisseur casting. Some work done to add wire reins, other than that a standard oil horse done with a mix of Raw Umber and Lamp Black over a Humbrol 62 leather undercoat. Greens as per the previous lot of Frenchies. Finished in lovely shiny gloss - like all proper toy soldiers.

If you are at Salute have a great weekend - if you not , have an equally good one too!



  1. Love the dragoon -- Foremost I believe with a regular Hinchliffe horse. Thanks for keeping the faith - gloss is beautiful with Napoleonics.

    1. Chris - many thanks for updating a failing memory!

  2. That's a nice shopping list!!! see you there!!

    1. Yep, see you there too, though I might be there later, at around 3Pm

  3. Now I'm not sure that I can be totally blamed for the length of your shopping list, but I do appreciate the link, very kind of you. Likewise the new Empress are on my list too, but then it goes a little strange with undead, moderns and survivors; yes I know, 'shinybloodyitis' has struck!

    1. hah - what no dinosaurs .. i am disappointed

  4. You boys will all come home broke and in trouble with your wives and girlfriends. You need to find a way to sneak your haul into the house under the radar. Have a good time this weekend!!

    1. tAnne - "oh those , they have been in the cupboard for years - honest" - and SWMBO is off for retail therapy in my absence - now that is even more scary...

  5. Have a grand weak end ;-)

    Lovely coat of gloss, keep'n the faith alive..


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