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I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Some "Old School Shinyness"

What with all this matt finish of late - it was time for some real old school shine - so get you sunglasses on. Here we have the 5th Line - Northumberland Regiment. Mainly Connoissur with an odd Bicorne. A nice coat of gloss over those scarlet tunics - all the better for seeing off Johnny Frenchman!

Only real challenge with these lads was the facing colour variously described as Yellowish Brown , through to Gosling Green - dunno about you but I have never seen a green gosling (maybe it is American superhero?) . So something I have never seen before is more or less yellowish green , than some else I have never seen... hmm. I took a cue from the excellent as ever GMB flag. I created a mix of Vallejo Middlestone and Golden Olive - seemed to do the trick. So that is the painting table completely empty. Ready for new shinyness & projects - Huzzah!


  1. A little on the shiny side but you've done a cracking good job on them. The painting is a nice compromise between old school and contemporary wargames standard (whatever the heck that means).
    I like em.


  2. Now although relatively new to this most wholesome of hobbies of ours it is not surprising that I favour the current fashion for all things matt. That said I find the shinyness wonderfully familiar; they really do have that old school, proper toy soldier feel to them.

  3. Its now not worth me going to Salute, who'd have thought I'd have been blinded by shiny figures with only 3 days to go, boo hoo!!
    Nice job Dave!!

    1. i did tell you to wear your sunglasses

  4. I think these are marvelous. My last figure was shiny and I'd not idea that finishes "trended" The flags are just gorgeous. Enjoy yourself at Salute!

    1. Thanks Anne. Oh yes varnishes , the bane of painters lifes - can make or ruin a good figure. The current trend for matt is very popular - but gloss can bring a certain something. Also matt on metallic work can make it look very dull , which sometimes you don't actually want!

  5. An empty painting table, good job it's Salute this weekend. Enjoy yourself and spend well


    1. it won't be empty for long - there is decent list of stuff to top it up with , before any new shiny stuff from this weekend

  6. Nice work Dave. Cool to see a unit like that, it takes me back! Hard to beat the GMB flags.

  7. I've never heard of an empty painting table, have fun filling it back up and great work as well!

  8. Excellent work -- pushes all my buttons: Napoleonics...Connoisseur...glossy....lovely.

    I was wondering if the marching figures in the rear rank are the newer Bicorne additions to the Connoisseur range or just the original Brit marching pose? I was surprised some time back to see that Bicorne added to the range.


  9. The style of figure along with the gloss finish compliment each other and does give it that old style quality which makes for a very nice collection.
    Superb painting as always.


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