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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Going Loco...

More developments for the Old West boom town of "Serenity Flats", the Railroad is on the way. I have been doing a fair bit of digging into sourcing a model that i was happy with. I wanted the train to look the part and in the end I went with a proper railway modellers version (once upon a time I was a railway modeller ... I got better....). However the question of scale became key here. The more readily available "00" is too small for large 28's , so in the end I have gone for a gauge known as "ON30 or O narrow". Means the model is basically 1/48th - (a 28mm is 1/56th so it is slighly larger and really looks the part,  but it can run on "00" track. I have been watching ebay and fell lucky last week with this model picking it up for £32.00 (normal full retail is about £120). I sourced some lengths of proper On30 track as it has a larger gap in the sleepers than "00" - it just looks right to me.

It's A Mogul -2-6-0 made by Bachmann Spectrum
and yes it is capable of running! 
Now where exactly is my figure for Casey Jones?
It needs some proper weathering adding - won't take long , and a couple of carriages etc (more e-bay surfing) , but pleased at getting it - will make for a few good scenarios. Once done I will set up with figures so you can see how it looks next the station that is on order.

In addition I have been given a stagecoach from Doug Mason's spares box, needs a little TLC and few horses - but again will be a great addition - thanks Doug. Pretty sure this is the Dixon one.

Having painted 95% of the Old West stuff I picked up at Salute (50 figures) I have again added to the pile with a similar amount of kit , some real treats in store coming up.  Work has also commenced on rules (Rules with No Name and Dusty trails for starters) and scenario planning. Can any one else see that smoke in the hills - could be Injuns!


  1. You are building a full community. But... where is the Cavalry?

    Best regards.

    1. Thanks, yes a whole little world is being created and i am enjoying it. Plans are already in hand for "B" troop, who will be along a little later - they need to make through Indian territory

  2. After seeing the title, I expected you to break out in song singing the Four Tops classic!
    A great looking train, I'm sure that's gonna figure in quite a few games!!

    1. Well I think Acapulco is south of the Rio Grande... glad you got the reference..i had it going around my head!

      It is all caused by the a little project of Banditos...

  3. Some wonderful additions to the collection; I'm particularly envious of the train! Looking forward to see it weathered in due course.

    1. yep me too... i think it has bumped it's way up the workstack

  4. Have to agree great looking train

    1. thanks Mark , it will be even better with a little brushwork

  5. Some great hunting on ebay with the train. You will have to get yourself a 'TONG POSSE' for the railroad workers. The stagecoach will also be a nice touch for your town.

    1. Cheers , and already there my friend...this "small" project is being subject to massive amounts of mission creep!

  6. Great buy Dave and great project,
    Also Dave I had a rumage in the loft and found some bits and pieces that hopefully will be of some use to you. Not much but a few. I have your address and next time I get a few days break from work I will stick them in the post.
    Probably end of the month ;0)


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