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I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Monday, 11 June 2012

It's getting crowded in town

I decided to push on with the last lots of Old West figures for a while, certainly I now have enough to be able to do a reasonable sized game.

So here we have some more of the good citizens of Serenity Flats.

Mainly from the Blue Moon Manufacturing Tombstone civilians. I love the Chinese character and will be on the look out for some more for the Chinese quarter and the railroad gangs. All the figures for the BMM civilians are very different and will give a good aesthetic appeal, just hope they don't catch too many bullets!

There are a good few cow hands and bad guys around

Black Scorpion Figures

Also rumours that Billy the Kid has been seen in town

Along with the crazy preacher , his girl and hanger one.

Well with all the trouble brewing there has been some hiring of lawmen to assist the town sheriff.

With Virgil and Wyatt Earp showing up again and Rooster has found a space in the livery for his horse.

There has even been a telegram sent to the Pinkertons

     Artizan Designs
I have done these to a simple game standard using a limited palette, with blocking, washing and a highlight. I was nice to get some extra colour on the ladies from the townsfolk.

Next up for the Old West is the Undertakers hearse waggon for the ride to Boot Hill..(it's going to be needed)

Also there are rumours of the Railroad in the distance, now just who will profit from that coming to town?

Back to more traditional Napoleonic and AWI for the next weeks.


  1. I love this range and how they have turned out, great work Dave!

    1. Thanks Fran, looking forward to getting a game or two as well myself now.

  2. Really great looking work Scott, love the civilians. How about some Redoubt Enterprises Boxers as company for the Chinese fellow.

    1. OOh some boxer figures , great idea , and some tang gangs! duel purpose figures!

  3. A great group of models, and the colours are very interesting, perfect for this period.
    Very nice.

  4. Very colorful characters! Dean

  5. Looking mighty fine pardner! Love The Kid figure, pure arrogance!

    1. Thanks Ray, yes he is a good one - a real troublemaker!

  6. Great looking figures Dave. A period I have never painted... but have a few figures kicking about somewhere to make a small gang that are due paint sometime...

    1. Thanks Scott. This collection is my forst foray in the Old West and i have been impressed with the stuff available,- brings back those childhood days of watching cowboy films over the weekend!

  7. Superb paint job on all these and a great collection developing.
    I am lacking in old west civilians so I will have to try some of these blue moon figures as they look really good.
    Are they compatible in size to the artizan figures?

    1. Pat,
      Thanks. Yes they are near enough they are all very different , and i like them for it, as will give good variety

  8. Again some really good work from your brushes



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