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Monday, 18 June 2012

The Olympic Flame

Off topic for the blog I know - but as I am involved in some measure in the day job I had decided I wanted to see it.. It is also bit of unique history which we won't see again. The Olympic flame has been through the region I live in today. So I went down to see it through this morning. It was one of those beautiful sunny mornings that really lift the spirits. So fortified with a good fresh ground coffee and a bacon buttie I waited for the torch to make it's way through Saltburn-by-the-Sea.

There was a great atmosphere with the sunshine putting a smile on everyone's faces. The members of the local constabulary were enjoying themselves with a chance to have their sirens on setting the scene, and being involved in a duty that must have been pleasant to do for a change.

Despite all the media and corporate hype it is still about a lot of personal stories for torchbearers and the athletes.I have actually held the Gold medal won by Martin Cross for rowing in the coxed four at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics with Steve Redgrave, Richard Budgett, Andy Holmes, and Adrian Ellison. Hearing about the sheer amount of training, and committment required was inspiring. It was all about fraction of a second improvements that make the difference between winning and losing. I would say good luck to those taking part - but it's about more than that - I think it was Gary Player the golfer who said "The more I practice the luckier I get" - maybe that should be a mantra for painting figures too eh.

There had been a large "Welcome to Saltburn" sign created in the sand on the beach at the bottom of the steep 1 in 4 bank the torch would have to come down on its way from the town to the "Ship Inn" down by the beach. It was preceded by the corporate sponsors with lots of smiling and waving.

Looking back up the bank to town

                                                    From the top of the bank looking to Huntcliffe.

Anyway a cheerfull start to the week


  1. I have to admit I’m rather hoping to be there when it wends its way down to our neck of the woods. As you say, a once in a lifetime event.

  2. When the torch went through Plymouth I was in Saltburn (for 10 minutes in the biting wind, then we went back to the car), so I missed it. A real shame.

    1. How unlucky.A good Northeasterly blow straight off the North Sea can be a real nasty one. Its a lazy wind it goes right through you and not around. But if you get a fine day it's grand place. Ironically i shoul dhave been in the South West myself today but we cancelled a weekend away based on the weather forecast of wind of rain!

  3. I was lucky enough to see it some years ago for the Syderny games, good stuff and well done you. Hmm, sunny morning, a beach that has real sand on it, smiley people are you sure this wasn't taken 8 years ago? :-]

    1. Ha.. no it was for real! In UK as well! we hide this little bit of the country from the rest.

      Mind you Ravenfeeder got it on a more normal day..


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