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I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Bank

Well if you are going to have an attempted robbery - you need something to rob. So here is the bank. This was picked from Products for Wargamers . They do a range the same with different frontages. Its a 2mm laser cut MDF. I have left off the hitching posts for now as the boardwalks seem narrow - i intend to do some freestanding one for these buildings.

I was asked to do a walk through so here goes.

The completed building is given a spray of Humbrol Dark Earth I find it helps to seal things a bit and stop the MDF absorbing too much paint and gives a better surface to work on.

Next it was given a heavy drybrush of Khaki Grey a nice green - brown colour for a base with a large brush

This is not worked fully into the corners of detail as these are left darker

I used a Golden Olive Green to paint in a deeper stronger colour on some areas 
 The window panes were added with a blue grey  , and then a little white added and the middle of the panes highlighted
 Some light reflection in lighter grey added to the panes , and framework detail picked out in an Ivory colour
 The planking is done with a 50/50 water / paint mix and painted in to the centre of the planks - this look bright when first done but as it dries it darkens
 The same 50/50 technique is used to create the tiles on the roof
 You can see from this shot the differnece as it dries.
 The board walk is done with two lighter browns using the 50/50
 Hand painted signage is added

 A light drybrsuh over the roof apex,edges and wall corners with Iraqi sand to give a bit of definition. Also added planking to rear of the frontage just using dark brown lines. Sepia wash is run around under the roof line and a thinned sepia wash added below the rear window and around the bottom of the walls.  So now it just needs the base colour doing and a spray of matt varnish.

It can take it's place in the collection along with the Gunsmith done at the same time

5 buildings done in the week not a bad output!

First shot of them all together - just on the dining table - some custom baseboards planned for later in the year.

Game on for the weekend


  1. Now that is impressive, 5 buildings in a week!!! I hope you've had planning permission for that set up in the dining room.

    1. indeed I don;t think my sqautters rights will last long

  2. very nice building!
    and a good and useful tutorial!

    I like the town: very nice!

  3. Lovely work, Dave. Now, you just need that gallows we spoke of to set up in front of the Sheriff's building... ;)

  4. That looks terrific. Going to have to check those guys out.

  5. Beautiful work Dave! Your getting a mighty fine looking collection here! PfW do make some excellent looking buildings, I like the framework half built one.

    1. Thanks Ray - yeah i need a few part built ones at some time and i like the look of the PfW ones too.

  6. Brillaint walk through Dave, Very helpful for planning painting buildings. Great results!!!

  7. Wow! Great work, I have to buy some buildings, maybe that will be XMAS.

  8. Thanks for the tutorial. I just got my first two Sarissa Precision kits. They are lovely but I'm scratching my head on how best to paint them. I've gone for spraying the parts before assembly.

    Your building looks amazing, really hope I can do the kits justice too.

    1. Yep they are good building s- look forward to seeing your results

  9. Great results and five in a week is very good, 5 in a week including scratch building two is way off the chart for excellence


    1. Its been a good week thats for sure - but the lure of game over the bank holiday helps to spur me on - ok bad pun..

  10. Thanks for the excellent tutorial Dave. I can't believe how quick your town is expanding, there must be some kind of gold rush going on.

    1. Cheers Pat, it is getting there , Next few will be the railway station, a church , a newspaper office , the chinese laundry, a large dried goods establishment, and a way bigger jail! that shoudl keep me out of mischief

  11. Absolutely tremendous, Dave. Looks like the nice quiet town I should move to...:)

    1. cheers - it is going to be a bit noisy over the weekend


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