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I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

French Infantry Campaign style

Sometimes it seems the old workhorses don't get that much of a look in so here are some plain old PBI lads in greatcoat. You would think these are easier to do then a full uniform, but no there is just as much shading and highlighting required overall. I found these part done when I uncovered the caisson team so seemed like an idea to finish them off. The figures are Front Rank - nice again excellent quality of casting  They do a mix of head dress which adds a bit of variety , and I had turned some heads slightly to break up the completely uniform look.

 Something a little different up next "The Red Air Force"- to add to Gerry's madness over at The Situation Room - More 10mm soldiers than you can count on a massive playing area.  He's also currently working on building up a Napoleonic force and has taken delivery of 32,000!!! painted figures.

- then its back to some guys in Red...

Prep work also continues on items for the The 3rd Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge run by Curt with talented painters from around the world sharing their work, with a little bit of healthy competition to spur each other on. Looking forward to it - and few good entries planned already. Well done Curt on setting it up again with all the work it entails. Well all those long dark night in Canada you need something to keep you busy right?


  1. That is a very nice looking unit.


  2. These are great Dave and always impressive to see massed ranks. I've always struggled to produce more than four of the same unit at any one time!

    1. 4 figures!!! - a skirmish game then..a small one

  3. Its nice to see a mob in their greatcoats. Its funny how so many of us insist on full-dress when the reality was that they spent a good portion of their time in field dress AND under their coats.

    Thanks for the shout out for the Challenge. It'll be a lot of fun!

    1. Cheers Curt - indeed - but it would make for a drab looking table!

  4. Lovely looking unit despite, or maybe even because of, its limited palette, and very convincing. I agree with Curt, if the Emperor had given me a greatcoat to wear in the winter, I would jolly well wear it.

    1. Thanks - yes they do have a certain something about them

  5. Very nice, Dave. I like a lot the French in campaing order.

  6. Very nice job Dave. I think I painted a few of these guys up for the Kapiti Fusiliers Regiment a few years back. The great coats are certainly easier than painting all those tunics and straps!
    Well done.

  7. More Napoleonics!

    They look just as fresh as when they came out. I like the rather stiff appearance and the fact that you used 2 drummers.

    The painting is obviously fantastic.

    Thank you for sharing these.


    1. Thanks Kawe and more still to come.. I do like using mulitiple drummers for the heads of columns

  8. These look very impressive Dave.
    I don't get to paint many Front Rank figures but when I have, I really enjoyed painting them, especially the faces, for some strange reason.

    1. I did loads many years ago - must say i have enjoyed these - you really notice the difference in casting quality between them and the Perry one


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