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I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Friday, 14 December 2012

The Man who.....

The sharp crack of a rifle shot rang out across the streets of Serenity.  That troublemaker McCoy the leader of the "Wild Gang"  was back in town with some new recruits. An argument with the rival "Outlaw" gang had resulted in gun play - the onlookers were stunned with an opening  "FATAL GUTSHOT" the "Outlaw" victim laid sprawled across the street.  What had been a quiet day looked set to get very hot!

More shooting broke out across the streets as the two gangs worked out where their enemies were and the lead began to fly. Further down the town the Sheriff and Deputy were wondering where the town Marshal had gone to and when he would appear.

We started with a complete random set up with figures being placed in order of the card being drawn  until the joker appeared. Characters who were not initially placed then appeared in play as their card turned up -a dice being thrown to see from which building they would  emerge from. There were other random elements with the train and stage maybe making an appearance as well.

McCoy took himself off to the W Kidd's  gun shop and negotiated a deal on a large calibre weapon , a manstopper.

Some of the "Wild Gang" at the far end of town were looking to make a move to help their friends , but would have to get past the Sherrif at the jail, and Deputy Daniels with his street howitzer up on the town gallows. The "Wild Gang" boys took cover and started blazing away at the lawmen - to little effect - a few shots just passing through the Sheriffs hat. Marshal Wyatt Earp turned up - he had been asleep in the jail - he emerged from the building and marched out fearlessly - as you do with a some spare action cards! He closed the range and felled one of the "Wild Gang", but the "click" on an empty chamber caused him to think twice, he reloaded and retreated back towards the jail.

  McCoy seeing the action over by the jail set off with his manstopper to deal with the law dogs. He let off a shot which felled Daniels up on the gallows. The lawmen men turned to face him as the turn ended . Who would go first next turn? The Legend card came out waiting to be claimed, Wyatt claimed it and moved forward and shot at McCoy but NO!  that "click" and a gun jam. There was nothing else to do but grab the barrel of his pistol and head towards McCoy give him a good pistol whipping. McCoy's nerve held and a tough hand to hand brawl broke out with Earp and McCoy laying into each. Wyatt overcame McCoy leaving him knocked out on the floor beaten & bloodied. Wyatt his head spinning from the effort and holding his ribs drew breath.

Saunders fired into the remains of the melee - missing but again running out of ammo - he played an action card  and decided to throw his considerable bulk at the Marshal. Wyatt drew breath and swung at the charging bull of a man bearing down on him - the blow connected with his head and down Saunders crashed.

All this time the "Outlaws" took advantage of the trouble and snuck into the bank. At the point of the gun they relieved the safe of a number of bags of loot. One of the gang was seen hovering around the rear of the next door hotel what was he up to?

The train whistled into town but the driver seeing the mayhem up ahead decided to keep on moving.

With a number of members killed or K.O. the  "Wild Gang" were starting to panic , with some of the members losing their nerves and deciding to high tail it out of town, one leapt into the passing boxcar to take cover.

Dawson the greenhorn of the "Outlaw" gang had been watching the Marshal beat up the "Wild Gang" boys, and thought what better way to achieve fame than to kill a true Legend. He advanced and let fly with his shotgun - with one lone chest fleshwound being enough to knock out the tired Marshal. He thought how cool would it be to hang the semi conscious Marshal? The Sheriff took fright losing his nerve , flinging away his badge , he legged it away from the jail heading out of town. Dawson dragged the semi-conscious form up the steps - would he come round fully in enough time to wake up and try and save himself. Dawson had to pass his nerve checks to do the dastardly deed..Wyatt's fate "hung" on the turn of a card - but it was not to be - Dawson pulled the leaver to release the trapdoor and thud....

At this point McCoy awoke from his beating and seeing the events unfold decided to take a shot at the the "Man Who Killed Wyatt", - Dawson is sure going to be carrying a reputation for his dirty no good cowardly ways. Missing his shot, McCoy slunk off into town tending his wounds.

The outlaw at the back of the Hotel had found some rubbish to set fire to, providing further distraction as the gang made their way out of town - on counting their stash they found $37,500 not a bad pay day.

McCoy had to content himself with having seen the demise of the Legend and having the town law run off scared. Maybe pickings would improve around here without the Law.

Phew it was a very tense game - with yet more imaginative thinking leading to some real fun situations.

The new scratch built water tower completed by Steve , I did the lettering on transfer paper using an Old West style font.


  1. Nice scenery, as ever. I also like the random starting positions for the scenario [may have to try that myself] and it's a good story!

    May I suggest that a bit of proofreading would help? One or two of the sentences came across as a bit odd.

    1. Cheers - yes the random set up worked well.

      I did manage to press publish instead of save - and then could not get back in to blogger - its been tidied up !

  2. Love the game, it looks very cool!

  3. Another great game Dave, these really are fun and the great buildings and terrain just pile on the style points


    1. They are fun, almost taking on a element of roleplay and wargame sometimes - everyone new who has played has loved it

  4. I like the scenery too !
    your buildings are always amazing !
    the Hotel is paper-craft ?

    1. Thanks, The Hotel is an MDF cut one by Gamecraft in the USA

  5. Awesome! Love the AAR Dave. Some day I'd love to visit and get a game in of this with you - it would be a hoot!

    1. Yeah - love to have you over for a high noon anytime

  6. Very enjoyable Dave, and that Train running through the centre of town, is the icing on the cake.

    1. Thanks PAT - It has proved a real talking point among the onlookers i must say


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