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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Spring Blog Con part 3. "The Perils of Budgie Ray"- continued

We left our hero towing Budgie in his wake as he took his spurs to his mount heading across town for the train which was whistling it's imminent departure.

Loki and Kev were working their way into town covering either side of the street. Loki could not resist pushing open the gates to the stock pen ...was he looking to cause bovine mayhem perhaps..

At this point Phil's Gambler who had been in the Cattlemens cheating and boozing his way to a small fortune emerged to see what the gun fire in town was all about.

He spied the troublemaker Loki complete with rope in hand who threw a lassoo around him, but before it was pulled tight he drew his pistols and fired, winging Loki in the head and knocking him down.

Kev then had the next actions moving around behind the Gambler who on hearing the click of gun spun around , but the bullets missed. He levelled his shotgun and fired which hit Kev knocking him out. However it also inflicted a fatal head wound on one of the girls who was at the entrance of the hotel!
He quickly reloaded.

Loki was back on his feet, looking for trouble , just as poor Mr Wu ran down the side street trying to get out of the way.... Can you tell what is coming....
The Gambler turned and blasted away.. Hitting Loki and Mr Wu... Down they went..

Stumpy wanted to save the poor Budgie and take him into town custody , levelled his shotgun.. But actually thought twice about pulling the trigger as the Mounties terrifying gaze looked back at him...he decided to shoot it out with Lee instead...and after missing Lee decided to just knock the old guy out with pistol! Sheriff Roundwood was very conspicuous in his absence...there were rumours about some large pay off from the Mountie.

The Pinkertons had a pot shot or 3 at the Mountie , inflicting a couple of potentially serious hits, which his legendary toughness reduced to mere flesh wounds , which he shrugged off. They had also moved to get on the train.

Captain Campbell raced the horse over the railway lines... Unfortunately the rope towing budgie got caught on a sleeper (there goes that fumble role!) bringing him to the floor..but he had enough spare actions to compose himself and drag the almost unconscious Budgie to the train ..just as it set off from town.

This left the Mountie to fight the two Pinkertons on the caboose...the result one dead and one knocked out..who he then kicked off the train...the 3rd one who was further up the train then thought better of it and jumped off the train.

Budgie Ray would be returning to the Great White North after all! My that Mountie was tough.

Phew it was an action packed game alright with some rare card interactions. The Pinkertons were really unlucky in the end as they should have overwhelmed the Mountie.. But they kept missing when shooting!

I really enjoyed umpiring this one. Also having a lot of players gives some different problems which I want to play with for the next large action game.

There had been a lot of laughter, which is a sign of good game. It was great to see the guys enjoying themselves.

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