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Monday, 5 May 2014

Spring Blog Con part 2 "The perils of Budgie Ray"

We were able to get a cowboy game in during the Blog Con day. So with apologies for those this not up to speed on the "in jokes" here is the set up.

Loki ... Leader of the outlaw gang .. And brother to the captured ner do well "Budgie Ray" . Loki has rope skills, is a crack shot and lightning fast
Kev , the second member of the gang who was "lucky"
Lee , the 3rd member of the rescuers who had explosive skills ... But not actually any TNT!

There were 3 Pinkertons , one Shootist and two Gunmen played by Ian and Stephen.

The town law were made up of Shootist Sheriff Roundwood picked up by Sidney. The shotgun wielding Stumpy played by Gary A -who insisted any likeness between him and his character were purely coincidence. This time there was also a certain high quality Gambler who was friends with the Sheriff in town who was picked up by Phil.

Then we have our "hero" Captain Campbell who was in town to pick up that legendary sandbagger "Budgie Ray" and take him to the Great White North. Budgie Ray had been brought into town by the Man With No Man who found him engaged in dubious practices with a badger..the intelligence for his whereabouts being supplied by O'Irish.

Captain Campbell would have to get his charge across town avoiding his would be rescuers, also the Pinkertons who had been sent to apprehend Budgie by the "Badger Defence League".

This gave me 9 players to keep in check! It was going to be fun.

Given that Budgie would be looking for the first opportunity to abscond and run for the hills , the Mounties opening move of throwing him from the first floor balcony and missing the water trough (deliberately on purpose.. allegedly )leaving him stunned and tweeting would see him be more compliant!

The Mountie landed on his feet next to him -Maybe they don't have stairs in Canada - he took a rope from his horse and hog tied his prisoner attaching the other end of the rope to the pommel of his saddle.. Budgie was going wherever the horse went.

Sheriff Roundwood saw one of the outlaw gang from the jail , and shouted at him to drop his weapon .. Lee did not comply fast enough and the Sheriiff let fly scaring Lee into dropping it and high tailing it around the building.

Stumpy hearing rifle fire from the jail moved up behind the wagon and readied his shotgun.

The Pinkertons were down on the train platform and were about to spread out

Loki and Kev were loitering down by the stock pens.

What would happen next.

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