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I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Pulp - Miss Lilly van Verde

In between doing the churn out of the Sudan units I have some Gangeter/Pulp stuff sitting on the table to provide some much needed colour. So here is the fiery tempered,  red haired chanteuse at "Long Sarah's" entertainment club. Miss Lilly - from Bob Murch Pulp figures Gangland Justice , Femme Fatale pack.

She is bound to be the source of trouble - voice of an angle and a black heart! 

 "I've been with thousands of men,
Again and again,
They pwomise the moon,
They'rwe always coming and going
And going and coming...
And always too soon"

This is a cracking figure to work on - mind had to get the magnifier headset out to do it justice. I filed down the figure base to be able remove the cast on base and drilled and pinned it to the slotta. The undercoat for the whole figure was an enamel grass green which i was hoping would give a depth to the green dress - it has worked IMHO. The greens are a mix of Vallejo Flat green , and the Andrea Color green set , with a bit of yellow added for highlights. The hair is a Vallejo Hull Red with highlights. 

The chequerboard on the base is hand painted on black overall with a mid grey and then light grey highlights. 

Michael Peterson commented over on the Challenge blog  (AHPCV)- and could well be right!

"I like her a lot - she reminds me of another redheaded singer, Alex Pangman, "Canada's Sweetheart of Swing" - in fact it could be a mini of her. Check out http://www.alexpangman.com.http://www.alexpangman.com/gallery.html"

 The backing band will be along shortly..


  1. I just posted on Curt's APCV blog how much I liked this figure and how much she reminds me of a contemporary Canadian jazz singer I quite like. Well done.

    1. Michael - I think you are right - just edited this post.. off to listen some music by her - its great where this hobby can take you!

  2. "Say, gangster - what's your name?"
    "Fingers, miss"
    "so, Fingersmiss, are you in showbusiness?"
    "No, miss"
    "Well get your goddamned feet off the stage!"

    (had to do another Lili von Shtupp quote)

    A cracking figure Dave :)

    1. why else do ya think she is called Lilly!! plenty of material to work with!! Glad you like her.

  3. What a wonderful distraction, great job Dave.

  4. I really like the green and how the dress hangs as well. Just all of it put together is super duper well done.

    1. many thanks! glad you like it..

    2. Yeah, it's very nice. I think about painting sometimes, but things like monsters, because I like monsters. But then Tim (hubby), got me a new tablet with a pen and now I'm groovin' on making cartoon monsters.

      Paint or draw, I find it all relaxing. How about you?

      Happy 2015.

  5. This is a wonderful painting work, really nice!

  6. Love this figure and the flooring!
    Although I decided to keep mine and the microphone separate.

    So, in another world she is known as "Miss Diana Midnight"...



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