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Monday, 1 December 2014

Storage Wars

It is that perennial problem.. where the heck am I going to keep all the newly painted stuff. Even with lots of space it gets to be a challenge. While out Xmas shopping yesterday I took a look into the the local Hobbycraft only to find they had a 20% off promotion on . So I took the opportunity to nab some of 4 litre "Really Useful" boxes to start and revamp storage options. The offer still seems to be on for the rest of the week if you join today..

 External Dimensions: 395 x 255 x 88 mm 
Internal Dimensions: 348 x 220 x 68 mm (4 litre capacity)

4 boxes , and a roll of cheap brushes for general abuse sorted - £20 well spent. Roll on next weekend for proper painting


  1. Good find! I am always looking for good storage options at the hardware, craft and dollar stores all the time...my wife calls says I have a plastic storage box OCD....

    1. they are also available in the USA. http://www.reallyusefulproducts.co.uk/usa/

  2. Those Really Useful Boxes are great. I've got loads of them in various sizes.

    If your troops are on magnetic bases or on steel, you can get flexible adhesive sheets (either magnetic or flex-o-metal) which you can stick down in the tray allowing you to use them for transporting the army safely.

    1. good tips thx...i will have to get some more in the next sales and move the Sudan collection which is troop heavy into these

    2. You can get the sheets from various places. OG games does A4 sheets relatively cheap; Magnetic Displays/Coritani do larger sheets of the magnetic, but you'll end up with off-cuts.

    3. More good tips.. Cheers Tamsin.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Something happened! Blogger displayed its innate hostility.
      The RUB range is excellent. Best of all, aside from the quality, is the veriety of sizes which can accommodate 15mm and 28mm (including pike figures) with no useless depth.
      BTW I get the magnetic basing and the steel sheet from Trevor Holland at Coritani/Magnaetic Displays (http://www.magneticdisplays.co.uk),if only for the fact that he's a really decent bloke.

  4. Ooooh, very nice! You can never have enough storage. It's a strange side-effect of the hobby that we start taking an inordinate interest in things like plastic containers :-)

  5. Really useful containers; and a very good idea!

  6. You can never have enough boxes for the shinies Dave!!

    1. Indeed Ray... And boy is there some shiney to be painted..

  7. For a bigger solution, IKEA's ALEX is great

  8. I also visited Hobbycraft and have bought no less than 10 7l boxes, Dave, hopefully enough for all of 2015's production! I even bought blue boxes for my Nappy French.

    Have a look at the 7l size- they take quite a bit more than the 4l, and I'm gradually shifting over to them.

    Best, Simon

    1. Simon, yeah I think it will be a mix of sizes going forward, will take a look at different sizes.

  9. Those are very useful Dave, nice find.

  10. Good find! I use smaller ones for my 1/72 figures!


  11. I have a lot of Really Useful boxes, particularly for terrain. Now I have a room for gaming all my figures are in display cabinets which means I get to appreciate them, plus a big help on the motivation front compared to the time I used to just store in home made boxes.

    Those brushes look familiar too - think I bought that set years ago. Great form all sorts of things


  12. Now that is my kind of xmas shopping.
    I went down the IKEA line but those still look great value.


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