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I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Monday, 8 December 2014

The Challenge kicks off

This weekend saw the kick off for Curts annual paint-fest event, it even comes complete with its own new, shiny dedicated blog The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. I have a few projects still on the go and am aiming to get a good way through them over the winter period.

My main aim will be the colonial forces for the Sudan - I want to get the collection to a point where I can do a decent size game. In between I have some figures to do for "Serenity City" various gansters, civilians etc to break up the khaki monotony.

There are also some side excurions into "Bonus Round" territory , some of which will fit into my aims, others which I will root around in the lead pile to see what can be submitted. I really enjoyed these last year as it meant doing something a bit different.

Having set myself a steep challenge target - about 20 points worth per day I shall however miss Loki and Kev this year to help in driving forward the point total, egging each other on worked well for me last year. Instead I just need to keep an eye on Millsy for point bombs and perhaps good old Sandbagger Ray who says he wont be painting much..

Anyway enough waffle you want to see pictures! So here is the first submission - some new releases Pulp Alley figures. Very fine they are too. The castings are clean and crisp and nice to paint. Only down slide is they are slotta bases - such a pain.

 "Long Sarah" - Queen of the seedy side of town

This one I am sending to Curt as the entry fee fo rthis years challenge. In my head its a John Dillinger "rogue" entry

So its back to some khaki clad fellows for a while to fill out the ranks of the Imperial forces in the Sudan - the Black Watch first up I think


  1. Great stuff Dave. Both are full of pulpiness, style and character. Great red and great pinstripe. Terrific :-)

  2. Nice work on those Dave. I do like the pin-stripe suit. I like the red dress too!

  3. This is a fantastic painting work, really fine. I´m awaiting some figures from "Statuesque Miniatures" too.

  4. Your Dillinger is a complete bad-ass. Now, get him in the post or I'll send out 'The Snowman'. ;Op

  5. Black watch! Noooooo!


    Really nice fee Dave.

  6. Lovely work Dave, really enjoyed these.

  7. Lovely job, beautiful Sarah!

  8. If you need someone to make snide comments and wind you up to help with your efforts I'm happy to stand in :-)

  9. Those look good. I love that she has hips.

    1. She sure does, curves all over in fact. Thanks.

  10. Terrific...Though it makes me sad as it reminds me that Boardwalk Empire is finished now! :( ;)

    1. Cheers Stephen. yes me too.. it might just have to be a back to back BE session over Xmas hols i think


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