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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Sudan - Medics ,Signallers and Skimrmishers

The collection is well enough progressed that it needs time spending on items of table dressing , and also pieces that can be used to drive scenarios. Often I hear that the Sudan games will be very one sided with the imperial just blazing away until the Mahdists run away or are dead. Well if that happens to my mind it is down to poor scenario design. To even the playing field the Imperial players will a have range of things to think about from , time constraints, ammunition, water, casualties to get to safety, communications to set up or protect - protection of civilians , and medals and honours to be won (that will keep commanders from co-operating too much!) 

New additions to the field hospital - the tents (by Grand Manner) were kindly supplied by Millsy as part of winning side bet as part of last years paint challenge - all done now , cheers mate.

Stretcher bearers and medics by Perry. The doctor in blue is by Empress from the Zulu range

The two civilians -one in MCC Eggs and Bacon colours ready to defend himself with cricket bat against the Fuzzy Wuzzies are by Wargames Foundry

The whole field hospital is now complete

Next I have a couple of sections of signallers with Heliograph kits

These chaps with a  small protection unit , should provide a tempting target for the Mahdists and a challenge for the Imperials to protect....
I have also now moved onto to the new Brigade for the operation around Suakin. This saw the Guards Brigade enter the the campaign. So to start I have the skirmish elements on sabot bases. I am using these to give me some options as there can be a number of skirmish units in the game - so I can use 3 4 - 5 - 6 figures per base (and fill in with bush/rocks as needed) depending on the size of the overall game. I also think they have an appeal on the less regular shaped based.
12 Skirmishers for the Guards Brigade. (Perry Miniatures)

Plus a root in the lead pile recently revealed some classic "Old School" Connoisseur Naval Brigade. I intend my Naval Brigade units to be made up from a range of manufactures and dress - just to give some diverse interest. These appeal to the early  teen in me - which is when I first saw these in the flesh! 

I am occasionally working on a naval gun team, with the guys pulling the Gatling gun and limber - got a good bit of conversion work to do on it to get it how I want.

Plenty more Sudan stuff on the stocks as well at the moment


  1. Great painting work, all of them are fantastic. They look really well.

  2. Another triumphant posting Dave, I absolute adore this project and never tire of seeing the new additions - truly inspirational stuff.

    1. Cheers Michael. It really is getting like building my own little world now I must say... Still loads of scope with it yet, railways, balloons boats etc. It will keep me going for years..

  3. Love your work. I will have to paint a few more sailors as well.

  4. Splendid figures, beautiful scenery...and this field hospital is great!

  5. This is a cracking collection Dave!


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