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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

A little damage limitation - storage improvement

Having had to transport a large amount of the Sudan collection recently I found a bit of an issue with a spot of hard braking in the car, A number of bases shifted with some damage being caused - all now repaired. As I have decided this will be a real long term keeper project with yet more investment to come, it has made my mind up to move to some magentic basing to try and limit transport issues in the future.

I got in touch with the ever helpful Simon Miller for some top tips as he is always transporing is magnificent ancients collection. I have now sourced some self adhesive ferro sheet, and range of disc magnets.

Project Magnetise has now started. All new units will have them from intial build. I will be going back over the exisitng collection in a prioroty order , with most vulnerable units getting it doen first.

Here is the successful result of the application to the Naval Brigade last night

A little walk though in case you are interested:-

The disc magnets are 6mm diameter x 2mm depth 

I used a 6mm wood bit in the Dremel (other power tools are available)  flexible extension - just wear some eye protection and do it in a well ventilated space or wear face mask - MDF dust is not particularly nice.

My Dremel is hung from the wall , with the flexible extension down onto the work desk as it takes up less space. 

Two holes in small bases - 4 in larger/heavier

bit of thick superglue in the hole 

 add the disc magnet and let things dry.

The A4 self adhesive sheet added  to the box is pretty self explanatory , just make sure the box is clean before you stick it.


  1. That certainly seems to be the way to go, very smart Dave.

    1. I wish I was smart enough to do as part of the original basing Michael.. But you live and learn as they say!

  2. Keeping your work safe is a priority, looks like you have it covered


    1. Yep. Hope I have, it's just bind of re work

  3. Very clever - good storage has become more important to me over the years. After more than 15 moves in my military career, I have suffered more than a few bits of damage

    1. I bet it is with those kind of moves. Hopefully I have nailed it for now

  4. Given the number of troops to be magnetized this is an epic project in itself!

    1. Indeed it is! But I will start with the most vulnerable / precious stuff. The plastic Mahdists are actually fairly robust so may not need doing long term...

  5. A smart solution indeed!
    Well done, Dave.

  6. Very nice blog and I like your solutions.Very practical.I will follow your projects.Please keep posting.


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