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I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sudan - Participation game at Muster on the Parade Ground

Saturday saw myself and friend Steve put on a day of participation gaming in the "Sudan" at a small local show in Stockton on Tees - our better halves helped out too on ticket/programme duty too .

We ran the same scenario as at the recent AMG weekend with the relief column having to rescue the Generals wife and daughter from the potential clutches of the Mahdi's forces.

The Column moves off

The new display sign in place - to tempt potential gamers

Its a long way

That was a bit of a suprise for the Camel Corps - where did they get that!

Oli and Jim - push the troops on.

Meanwhile pressure builds on the besieged garrison
The Camel Corps decide to take the village with fixed bayonets! - it hurt!
Having repulsed one lot or charges - the garrison was set to face another.

The 9th Bengal Cavalry provide flank cover the the R.I.F

The Mahdists breach the village walls , killing a whole company in the process. Its getting desperate
In a daring move - the RMLI commandeer the water carrier! , and double time it toward the garrison
The Egyptian garrison threw everything at the mob- - and just fought them off - the ladies took the opportunity of the RMLI being in galloping distance to mount up and save themselves! it had been a close one! The RMLI  turned over 3 blank ambush cards - any one of which turning out to be an enemy would have caused real problems - but the tales in the mess would indeed be great!

Both of the games we played went to wire - a turn of a card or throw of the dice making all the difference.

We had provided some more "props" in the form of helmet and fez - these seemed to go down well . We gave the young  Oli his own Fez to take away (and a box of plastic Highlanders!) for his bravery. Jim even picked up £25 trader prize as part of the "participation game" winners draw - lucky chap!

larger size Fez required next time!

After playing a couple of games - it was time to have a quick shufty around the traders for stash!
2 Dice tray from KR - 2 coloured card deck boxes from Hoka Hey
A vessel for the Mahdist navy! from Masters of War
And the seeds of a new project - Island Hopping here we come..

It had been a good day overall. It did not seem too busy overall though - and was certainly pretty "dead" post lunchtime in term of walk about punters... - I know Tom and Dave put a lot of effort into organising it, - it is appreciated. But seriously I hope it did well enough to survive.

They day was suitably finished off with a fine curry!


  1. Looks great, shame about the numbers though. Hopefully it will return

    1. Would have been good to catch up.. But there will be other opportunities .

    2. Border reiver next on my list

  2. Dave,
    I really want to participate in your game. Maybe next year at AMG.

    1. You would be more than welcome.., it may be out at Stockton later this year too

  3. The game looks great, Dave. I think the Fez needs to be a more permenant fixture on your bonce!

    1. Cheers Ray... Now I only need a white suit ...

  4. Great looking troops, table and game Dave. The fez must stay. Glad to see that the young lad went home with one too.
    Cheers, Peter

  5. Another cracker of a game by the looks and fantastic terrain. I am also looking forward to another game of 'Sand in the Sudan' when I return home. I have two squadrons of Egyptian cavalry to rebase and a company of infantry....can not wait. It is a fantastic period to game.

    1. Indeed it was. I need to get see more Egyptian and Sudanese forces den this year too

  6. Looking fantastic Dave and so pleased that the games are drawing a great deal of interest and enjoyment. Your table is looking fantastic.

    1. Thanks Carlo. Indeed , a number of people were asking about the rules used as they had not heard of them..

  7. terrific looking game as always and glad you had a good day.

    1. Thanks Paul, indeed it was a fun day out

  8. Awesome!! A great looking game with a huge and fantastic terrain, love the little village...

  9. Always brings a smile to my face seeing this game out on the road - such a triumph Dave, bravo sir.

    1. Cheers Michael.. One day you may get a game!

  10. Looked to be great fun. Love the terrain. That fez on you is awesome. ;)

    1. It's all the rage don't ya know... Mind it might be a tarboosh ...

  11. Fantastic, I admire the hard work that goes into a big beautiful table and game like this!


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