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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Sudan - Major Kitchener

It is great getting to the point in a large project where you can indulge yourself with oddball bits and pieces. I have over the last few years acquired a number of reference books and frequently take inspiration for thing to do from them - this little addition is one of them.

Major Kitchener was one of the most brilliant intelligent officers of his era fluent in local languages. He spent the winter of 1884-5 criss crossing the Sudan by camel with his guard of  'Ababda Bedouin (I need to make a small unit of these yet) scouting out the way for the Gordon Relief column. He eventually rose up the army ranks and led the reconquest of the Sudan in 1898, becoming Kitchener of Khartoum , Earl Kitchener and on to become the face on the WW1 recruitment posters. Of course like most famous British Generals he was Irish!

The rider is a Perry Bashi Bazook figure with old long musket. 
The camel is a Perry British Camel Corps one with milliput saddle/cloth added. I remade the rein with garden twisty wire and soldered it into hand and onto the camel head bridle

I think his services will be useful when it comes to any large game for scouting the enemy positions.

The original inspiration for this one.


  1. Wonderful painting and basing, he looks superb and elegant...

  2. All the best English chaps joined the Royal Navy and frowned upon the upstarts from the principalities and lesser kingdoms - Only the best for the Senior Service! [joke]

    Top job.

  3. What a fabulously original addition.

    1. cheers Michael, always nice to make something original I think

  4. Very nice conversion and painting work. A great character!

  5. Lovely figure and splendid bit of historical background😀

    1. Yes I thought it's an interesting snippet of history

  6. I doubt any project is actually finished as there's always "just one more figure" that can be added and this is a wonderful example of indulgence.
    great figure, beautifully realised and a veyr interesting historical piece too.

    1. well indeed - it will never actually finish - only move down the priority list. There are a number of small interesting imperial units though still to do - so plenty of interesting things to do still

  7. Wonderful piece of work Dave - love the unusual nature of this figure mate. Brilliant!


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