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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

The Other Partizan - The battle part 2 & loot.

As the day progressed the battle grew bigger with more Mahdist forces arriving around the table.

Major Kitchener found the camp commander, with news the  Mahdi had been sighted to the North of the camp !!

The ladies that have been with the Camel Corps had escaped along with the wounded and had raced back to the zariba 

with the sound of drums beating a host of Mahdists appeared ...
make ready lads!
At the village the Camel Corps remnants are forced out , the Australian gunners are cut down to man , but sell themselves dearly.

The Australian gunners are cut down to a man - they sell themselves dearly
The Camel corps camels are captured ...
A huge force heads across the wadi toward the Naval Brigade and the Royal Irish Fusiliers

As the sailors crank the handles on their MG's , nothing happens... that damned sand has caused them both to jam ....a roll of "snake eyes" for each one... ouch - it would be left to the infantry and their bayonets by the look of it

Its "mad minute" time behind the zariba - they drop swathes of the fanatics . One MG stutters into life at short  range , a royal engineer officer had been on hand with his wd40!

The horde pushed on by the Mahdi crash into the zariba ... would the line hold...

The sailors and the Royal Irish threw everything at them - despite being outnumbered they held the line - great dice roll from Martin hitting with every single melee dice - It was desperate stuff. 

The melee continued.. 

The Mahdist continue to press - but their ranks are thinning..
Half of the Naval Brigade fall as casualties , but they refuse to give ground... men of iron! There will be medals aplenty here.

The 15th Sikhs had double marched around and deployed into  line  pouring fire into the Mahdist  flanks.. 
The Mahdist begin to melt...
The Mahdi decides its time to leave with his bodyguards... live to fight another day...

It was a cracking game - a real spectacle - I had about 2/3rds of my total Mahdist forces on the table at one point . The game was played in great spirit by the guys. I was pleased with knock up rules overall - the core bits from Victorian Steel worked well for firing and melee. I am looking forward to next run out. There will be much mourning in the clubs of London.. the Guards Camel Regt  have been wiped out.. anyone want to buy some camels ? One careless owner?

And the loot I hear you say?

ponds for the 10mm stuff

Clump foliage to make load of 10mm hedges

Some ready made walled fields for the 10mm

and a clue to a future project - some cracking pulp miniatures


  1. Marvellous looking game, Dave. You really have grown a first rate collection imho. Perhaps for the Analogue Hobbies Challenge you could paint up the camel corps as zombies, who are out for revenge 😀

  2. That Sudan game was absolutely superb... well done... pls bring it to Warfare in November... :o))

    1. Thanks ... now where is it!

    2. Reading... :o)

      PS. The odds of rolling two lots of double 1's (according to Google) is 1/1296..... :o))

    3. Yes , that's some odds ..

      Hmmm .. well I am free that weekend ... just 200 miles away!

  3. Top stuff Dave. Well done to yourself, James and Martin.

  4. I've been thinking about this and that was probably the best battle I've ever fought. It was so tight and I did get some awesome rolls at the end when they were needed. Should have ran with the camel corps though.

    1. Indeed it was a good one. Me rolling poor on the large melees helped too , when you were rolling good . Yes the Camel Corps should have left the village , but that was also tight as a load of my cavalry turned up .. would have been a good fight!

      Just remember I only used two of the 3 boxes of Mahdists! More next time ..

  5. I am agog in wonder, sensational Dave.

  6. A spectacular game, and nice loot!

  7. Wowzers! What a triumph. Bravo Dave!

    1. Thank you MrC ... great to see the results of many a paint session in full use!

  8. Great looking game....and you made Wargame illustrated as well, apparently camel taste good roasted !

    1. Cheers , yes somewhat coincidental that the published the May show review at the same time !

  9. What a fantastic game, Dave! I'd expect nothing else, of course, but even so it's simply outstanding. Huge congratulations, and a wonderful conclusion to so many long hours of painting. Great work, Sir!

    1. Cheers Sidney! ... Conclusion! I wish...just wait until this winter ;-)

  10. Great job! Reminded me of a Cross between Zulu and Sharpes Tiger!

  11. Fantastic collection of some of the best painted figures of any collection or era. A true inspiration and thank you for placing the images up.



  12. "the sand of the desert is sodden red,red with the wreck of the square that broke; the Gatling’s jammed and the colonel dead and the regiment blind with dust and smoke…….’Play up! Play up! And play the game!’"

  13. Awesome stuff Dave - glad to hear the Aussie Gunners were steadfast lads in the face of the enemy. I hope to be able to play with your toys one day :-)

    1. Cheers. You will be more than welcome!

  14. Always wonderful to see your sensational collection Dave.


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