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Monday, 21 August 2017

The Other Partizan -Part 1

This last weekend saw a run down to Newark for the second Partizan event of the year. This time I would be joined by Martin C (28MM heroes blog) and James M (Mad Tin Hatter blog) We had decided to make a weekend of it and went on Saturday and enjoyed  a few beers in the Prince Rupert pub while putting the world to right, followed by a visit to a local curry house.

Sunday saw us out early to set up for another dusting on the Sudan. This time I had another new mat I had made up by Tinywargames. A 12 x 6 mat with a mix of desert and arid design. We were also giving a home brew set of rules using bits from others , and using a chunk of the  Victorian Steel rules as well - I am getting near the simplest set I can for these big games.

We were running a scenario similar to the last one the involved the train, balloon , engineers etc , but I rotated in some units that have note much game time recently. This would see the Camel Corps added to the mix and the 19th Hussars.

the full table laid out
The main camp
Where did the Fuzzy Wuzzys come from , as they surprised the construction crew
the Camel Corp find marksmen appearing in the rocks and wadi
Baggara cavalry move onto the plain
The surveyors decide to try and make it back to camp , the Yorks and Lancs deploy to protect them 
Burnaby , leads two companies of Scots Guards out of the camp  to try and meet them
A horde of Beja decent on the camel corps position.. hmmm those dismounted camels look vulnerable 
Beja have the survey party in their sights .. but the Bengal Lancers are to hand 

More Beja appear on the other side of camp 

The 19th Hussar try to relieve the press and clear the Beja camels .. but the fighting is getting desperate in the village
The Beja storm the walls , forcing the camel corps to fall back, some units are overwhelmed by the spearman

Yet more Bagarra drive to cut the Camel Corp off from help
Who will get to the camp first the Beja or the engineers?
Indian army battalion arrive to back up the engineer stragglers

The Guard Camel regiment is routed and the village falls, the  Australian  artillery  is about to  be crushed too...

Drums can be heard beating across the battlefield !!  what was going on... 

Major Kitchener heads to the camp with vital "intelligence"


  1. Was the Australian artillery saved? What was the vital intelligence? Cant wait for Part 2! Looks brilliant Dave, congratulations!

    1. Oh the tension...!

      cheers Paul.. good to get a "lot of toys" on the table..

  2. Wonderful looking game Dave and the mats are very good indeed. Looking forward to the next instalment.

  3. So that's the name of the units. I really should write this stuff down

    1. Martin, as long as you remember that Dave's Bengali Lancers should be renamed the 'Kolkata Knight Riders' you'll have got it right for me! :))

      [I may be bias to that particular Indian IPL cricket team, however]

  4. Great looking game Dave! Wonderful.

  5. A cliff hanger of an ending!

    Splendid looking game and looking forward to Part II.

  6. What an atmospheric and spectacular table...excellent looking game!

  7. It really is a joy to behold Dave - what a triumph!

  8. Its all looking very good Dave. Obviously if those brave and valiant Egyptian Army units had taken the field the outcome wouldn't have ever been in doubt!

    1. Well the blighters did not even show up

    2. Well, there is a positive in them not being there. All those Egyptian units will be fresh and ready for the next game ... though I only suppose that matters if this was a campaign.

  9. Still love that table Dave! Sensational looking EVERYTHING.


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