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I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

ACW - Battle of Stones River

Last weekend saw another get together of the loose association that is the Old Guard gaming group. We were playing another ACW battle , this time with further increased forces as some of the guys had been busy with the brush.  I am really enjoying the visual effect of the 10mm where we can get a decent amount on the table

The heat of battle!
Angus, John, Stewart, Stig and Pete - Martin and James were playing a ww2 game too.

The initial reb assault on my position took the fence line !

further down along the fence line was dig leg lined with union troops 

extended line on the flank with my freshest unit against Angus's troops 

Union reserve arrives to bolster my failing units

More union troops advance

Union forces mass to assault the hill .

Certainly getting a good visual effect "en masse"

the ammo wagon is urgently needed

a tough fight for the hill - it ended pretty much a draw!
Overall a great days gaming.

I am looking forward to attending the Crisis show in Antwerp next week and meeting up with a number of people - oh and of course getting some new shiny things!


  1. A fine looking game Dave, well done.

    1. Cheers . It's certainly looking part now.. just need more troops. I also want to try out pickets charge

    2. As usual with your games Dave, another visual treat.

      One suggestion though, you will probably need a lot more trees too for any ACW battle. Stones River battlefield was very "woodsy" and much of what's left still is.

    3. That’s DAF . Yes I have more trees on order . I want to double what I have . This game used about 189 !

  2. What a corking treat for the eyes, Dave, and nice to see a group shot of the gang too; including James and Martin in the background I believe :-)

    1. Thanks . Yes indeed they are. I did not take enough pictures of their game to do it justice !

  3. A fantastic looking game. Thanks for sharing these pictures. Very inspiring!

  4. Lovely looking game! I suppose RF&F from the looks of it?


  5. Looks amazing Dave! 10mm really suits this period.

  6. I know a guy who is all about 10mm. I can't face painting enough figures in 10mm to make it worthwhile but when you seethe massed ranks on 10mm figures, like this, it does look pretty impressive.

  7. I have to agree on the visual effect with 10mm. It really does have that big game look whilst still having enough detail with the figures to catch your eye.

  8. Hi i have shared your work on my 10mm Wargaming page and 10mm Wargaming group





    As always, comments are appreciated

    Take care


  9. A great looking game, spectacular pictures...What a table!

  10. 10mm certainly allows for the big battalions and impressive scenery - looks like a cracking setup!

  11. Indeed, a very good-looking game. I would have guessed at 15mm figures if you hadn't declared them to be 10mm; I think the table must be smaller than I imagined it to be!

    1. Cheers , the table was 8x4 ..still room for more troops!

  12. Brilliant looking game Dave - really enjoying your work on the ACW at present.


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