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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

A Crisis visit - part 1

Last weekend saw a visit to the Crisis show in Antwerp. Its been on my wish list for years to attend and as it will probably be impacted in some way in the  future due to the Brexit machinations (whichever side of fence you are one - I can't see making business for small gaming companies low impact , being high on the priority list for HMG or the EU) I thought its time to visit. Mrs D and I decided to mix the visit to Antwerp into a full weeks break with us staying in Ghent and Ypres too.

The first bonus was that there was to be a number of the challengers from the AHPC along as well as the Grande Fromage himself - Curt and Lady Sarah were over from Canada too. I met up with a number of the guys on Friday evening and sank a Duvel or 3 or maybe 4 ish...

From left to right: Me, RobP (behind), ChristopherS, JakeK, Jerry Miller and his wife Christine, Nick, Curt and MikeF
Photo credit from Curt
There was various challenge talk , side duels and good old general war-games chit chat. The Camel themed bonus round I lobbied for I am sure will be fun for everyone.

This looks like the right place!
Even 30 mins after opening it was still queued .. but it did move swiftly enough

I met a number of acquaintances in the queue , Colin from Carry on Up the Dale , and Edzard from Miniature Modelling Mayhem - before long I was in.

There was serious eye candy and plenty of different traders not found on the UK scene - oh and it was busy! 

I soon met up with some of the boys where - it was great to meet Stefan Ko - we managed to lure him from his game for far too long !

Curt ,Chris , Nick , Stefan and Sidney
We were also joined by Sander and his young son Arthur who was on roving reporter duties - you can see his report here 

Stefans group NWF game was a real eye catcher - well done guys

I had a good chat with Stefan - thanks for the beer too! Photo Courtesy of Curt

Another favourite was a Sudan themed game

After a whizz around the games for inspiration (will post more pics on next post) I went in search of shiny...

Couple of interesting merchant houses to add tot he collection
These were by More Terrain from Germany - nice stuff 
Ruin bits - just cause I liked em

Top up of flags from Flag Dude 

Few bits from Ainsty 

Bases from Warbases

the freebie with entry - if any one wants it let me know

A brilliant gift from Sander - full of great photos and potential ideas  - thanks very much
I soon ran out of cash - and found few of the smaller European traders were taking card - and then frustratingly the nearest cash machine was a decent walk away. Given the weather had turned and rain had set in , I  declined the top up option - and made a note of a number of other items to order on line over the next week or two.

Overall it was a very good show , maybe a few too many resellers -or people selling the same thing , but there were some very interesting non uk suppliers discovered. I will certainly be back - I would prefer this to Salute any day. Now if I can rope some guys in maybe we can put on a game...


  1. Nice report of an excellent show! It was a pleasure to meet you in person Dave. Next time the beer is on me ;-)

    1. Thanks Nick .. I look forward to our next meet up!

  2. A collection of really nice pictures, Dave!

    But more important it was really a great pleasure to meet you. As for the beer you're very welcome. Especially since you spent your Euros at my mate Didier's stand. ;-)
    Joking aside I enjoyed it beyond comparison to have a pint and a good chat with you, Curt and the other fellows. I'm always willing to repeat that. I'll try to follow this idea online in the video chat soon.


    1. Thanks Stefan , yes Didiers stuff was very good . I can see some more business being done there . I will look forward to seeing you .. I will see what we can do about kicking them off earlier

  3. Nice report Dave. I really must sort out renewing my passport so that I can go one year.

  4. So that's the book you mentioned and of course it's the Sudan!:-) It was very nice to meet you and hope to see you again at a another show or better yet a game!


  5. What a fantastic event. And to find all those comrades in arms must have been fantastic. Very very jealous!

  6. Looks like a brilliant day out. But far to come for the day from Sydney, but I'll be thinking on options to sneak it into a future holiday program!

    1. Elo you just need to come over for a few shows!

  7. Sounds like a blast mate. Some great loot, especially the merchant houses which are gorgeous!

    1. It was indeed. Yep I bought those straight away I saw them

  8. Well done you, great that you got over there.

  9. Really great to meet up with you Dave. An excellent day out, indeed! Good to see that the Sudan project isn't QUITE finished yet!!

    1. Well it will never be finished ... I accept that one now!


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