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I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Cold War gone hot - Team yankee game one

This weekend saw the first game in the Cold War gone hot. I hosted James and Martin for our first run through of Team Yankee. First up I have never been at all impressed with the look of it at 15mm - it all just seems to look like a tank park... but in 6mm using the 15mm moves and ranges it starts to really look like how I imagine it. My Cold War collection was actually bought pretty much at the height of it in the early 80s, and was used for a set of rules based on Command Decision called Combined Arms. I was great to get stuff that has waited 30 years fora game on the table.

While TY can feel a bit generic it did give a reasonable game , and was fairly fast play and has enough detail to give a good flavour. So we will be playing again.

The terrain is the various bit acquired for the 10mm ACW repurposed - just need to get the pile of buildings painted up .
main objective - the crossroads 

roads were just simply printed up using powerpoint - and taped together - looked effective

Soviet Recon batter on down the road towards the crossroads

79th Guards Tank regiment arrives

quote "dave has a comedy amount of tanks" - da!

where are the British hiding?

Hind gunships lead the way
pushing on the AA assets protect the lead tank companies - the Shilka turn a low flying Jaguar in a colander

The 2nd battalion 79th Gds Tank is turned to burning metal by a squadron of Chieftains at long range 
British ATGW take their toll on Russkies..
Brits closing up to the crossroad 
The crossroads is a fairly unhealthy place for both sides!
the Hinds worry the lightly armoured Brit assets
Cheiftain squadron brews up at the crossroads 

Cheiftans out in the open as they flank the advancing Soviets
Soviet infantry own the wood - Going to need a lot more smoke markers!!
At this point we called it - the Brits had lost most of their starting kit , and had to bring on significant reserves - the Soviet tank regiment was at 50% loses.  We had not set any points etc for this it was just get kit on the table and run through the mechanics. It played through well - highlighted some extra bits we need to source, more work on buildings and markers required.  - overall a good day.

we packed up and played 3 short games of the basic Wings of Glory - where the Spitfires pretty much came out on top - good fun!

A good day and good company - a much needed morale boost after a week of serious man flu!


  1. Great day out Dave, hopefully we can make it a regular thing for 2018!

  2. You'll now need to get yourself a flying helmet to go along with your Sudan hats!

    Can we expect to see a representation of Leigh-Mallory's Big Wing?

  3. I‘m somewhat jealous Dave! Nice looking games.

  4. Nice looking games I think 6mm it is perfect for this and Ww2. Whilst I have played FoW never TY. 6 mm we pretty much stick with Blitzkrieg commander and soon CWC. Terrain looks very effective. 😀

    1. Cheers. I have a copy of CWC I would like to try out too.

  5. This looks brilliant Colin. Though its not exactly my cup of tea I do enjoy looking at wonderful looking tables full of great terrain and models.


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