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I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Wings of Glory WW2

Having mentioned in the last wrap up post that Wings of Glory was likely to feature this year at the Old Guard meet ups. I decided I would get the stuff we require to get up and running with the WW2 variant (Pete has the WW1 stuff) . A couple of large orders were soon winging (see what I did there..)  their way to the man-cave.

Tally Ho! 

Battle of Britain starter set

Storage solution from KR Mulitcases

Bespoke trays inside 

a 6X4 mousemat material mat - from Deepcut Studios
Th starter set has two Spitfire an two Me109I have picked some some addition aircraft so it gives me:-

3 x Spitifre mk1
3 x Me109e
1 x ME110
2x Ju87

Some of the other guys have Hurricanes and looks like Heinkels now too.

I also picked up a a couple of JU52 kits. They will needs cards etc doing . but will make for good scenarios, so worth doing I think

All very strange for me taking an "off the peg" project with work all done - but hey why not for once. I think over time the planes will get a little extra work as they need a bit of extra detailing , but thats a  way off for now.

It was top marks for all the various suppliers in order processing and delivery times. well done - internet shopping at its best..

I have been laid up by the "Aussie" flu that has hit the UK... so no painting at all - just starting to come through that now , so hoping to be back to the brushes next week. My AHPC start is in tatters. Still a while to go but I think I will need to re jig the painting order around a bit.

I have a game coming up this weekend with Martin and James - and hopefully Scotty to get the WW3 stuff on the table and James is sorting out a Team yankee scenario for... looking forward to that after 10 days of being ill - a much needed morale boost..


  1. Yep, our household were all ill just before Christmas. Right pain in the arse.

    Since it looks like you're collecting Germans (both wars) more than the British do you require a suitable moniker, such as Herr Brush or Ritter Tag?

    1. Herr Richard Flascher was already taken. So no shortening it to Dick, unfortunately.

      Still, best one I've seen is from Irregular Miniatures' spaceships range - Heirs of Uranus. Now that's a great name!

  2. Particularly impressed by your gaming surface. An outstanding find! I find Wings of Glory a great rule set.


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