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I will use the blog to record my creations & the odd occasion I actually do some gaming.

I have always been inspired by the aesthetic side of gaming. Playing on well constructed terrain using excellently painted units is always a joy.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

ACW - The start of the Confedrate army.

Having completed my own Union troops last year for the  Old Guard group  game at Battleground I decided I also needed some Confederates of my own. Having reviewed the current project list - in despair -  I decided I would commission these to get me off the ground.

I looked around and saw a local painter Chris (Marching In Colour) who has talent, a good reputation , and reasonable rates. They were duly completed as agreed.  I have now based and flagged them so here they are.

So here is the Brigade of Infantry - and too much artillery!  - well until i get a lot more infantry ! All Pendraken 10 mm

good job Chris - thanks

They have a thin coat of satin varnish , which personally I think really helps to make the visuals of smaller scale figures "pop"


  1. Beautiful Dave. I’m a big believer in having both sides in whatever i game in as well truth be told.

  2. Impressive and beautiful army Dave!

  3. Nice work.....it sometimes helps to have help...😀

  4. Bugger. I really must finish off my own brigade of CSA troops. Two units of infantry are near-enough finished and the cavalry could do with a couple more stands and dismounted versions, then I could offer them up for slaughter - I mean victory.

    1. Yeah , just got to keep plugging away ..

    2. Dave,

      As a means to light a fire under my arse and get me to have something painted to offer up to play with during a game, here's what I will have once they are finished. I don't know if a game could be arranged between the group, or whatever, but if it could and I had a deadline to work to it might be a help for me? [Rules would need to be Black Powder, as I don't have - nor want to own - RFF]

      2x 7-base infantry regiments
      1x 5-base infantry regiment
      1x 6-base mounted infantry regiment (I've foot and mounted models + horse holders. Really should class this unit as ECW Dragoons; mobile infantry, with reduced firepower score)
      1x 2-gun smoothbore battery (1x limbered and 2x unlimbered models)
      1x Brigade commander

      [to be bought: another infantry regiment of 6 to 8 bases]

      Anyway, this is just a thought. Obviously other games with the group will occur before 10mm comes around again.


    3. Roy - yep no problem - I think a game May/June at my place works - and Black Powder is fine


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